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Gold Sail

The view from Castle Sandlock extends for several miles out over the flat expanses of the desert. In the immediate foreground is Sand Lake where the contents of the Auh River is deposited to be evaporated by the sun's heat.
On the shore lies Gold Sail, well within the protection of Castle Sandlock's siege engines. The docks of the town face both the lake and the desert, with barges moving goods up river and huge sand ships bringing trade from the Amiro Empire to the south.
From here the town town looks pristine but, having walked the streets, it is just an illusion. The town is a cesspit that people just pass through. Only a few buildings on the dock front maintain a decent cleanliness, and only in the areas where the major merchant ships sit. 
Beyond the desert lie the sand flats that extend to the horizon, when it can be seen. Often only a giant hazy sand cloud is visible though. It is my job as the watcher of the sands to monitor their progress for if one were to strike the town unprepared the consequences could be severe - who would know that better than I?
A Tale from the Sands

Gold sail is a small town on the fringe of the Stonebrook Dynasty. It is the last safe haven of the Stonebrook Dynasty along the Sandhill Road enroute to the Amiro Empire. Its position on the fringe makes it very exposed, particularly to the ravages of the Sandpack which regularly venture within view of the town. This has resulted in the military presence of the town being near equivalent to the civilian population on all but the busiest of trade days.

The military presence is dominated by Castle Sandlock, a giant sandstone castle situated on a motte artificially constructed in the sand lake. However, the military also has a small fleet of sandships that are used to patrol the near edges of the desert to protect the nearby farmsteads.



1.15: The Lord of Aufest has full authority over the outpost of Gold Sail in the absence of the monarchs. When the Lord is not present, he can appoint the Captain of the Dual-Blood guard, positioned in the town by the dynasty, to rule in his absence. 

Excerpts from The Governance of Aufest,
laws updated in 2310 AC

Trade and Gold

Gold Sail
  • Customs for the Stonebrook Dynasty
  • Pit stop town - not a final destination. Captains are not allowed to discharge crew in this town due to its fringe status
  • Mundane goods, particularly sailing rigging etc., can be obtained and sold here. Otherwise, need to travel further to the interior of the Stonebrook Dynasty to find a good market
  • Profits high due to risk of the Sandpack
  • Guildhouse present

Caravanner's Guild Inventory entry

Places of Significance

Ships, hulks, and junks - trashes, treashures, and treets - Everything the best a round - low pryce! 
Advertisement by Rattitoe's Junkyard
19 ships currently in port, 16 sailing, 2 rowing, and one mechanical. 2 ships overdue. Crew of the Woodsprint has been fined 16 gold for unsanitary behavior on the docks - reported by the Sand Reef Inn. 
Took 30 gold in docking fees.

Dock Master report - 26 Sarlasdir



4 Andermoln 2299 AC
Day 21 since departing Anderil across the Northern Sandways

Gold sail spotted on horizon. Only another days travel. Water supplies exhausted for past two days since Sandpack skirmish damaged the water barrels. Anton and Richard have already collapsed from the heat and exertion.
Only another day.

Captain's log of the Gold Runner
recovered from the wreck


Owning Organization


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