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The Blade of Elnorshant

Life is for the service of others, both while it lasts and afterwards.

Proverbs of the wise

The Sword of Elnorshant can be traced for centuries and there are descriptions of it in ancient writings and drawings. Its legends are as a force of good, campaigning for the rights of those oppressed, either by poverty, warlords, or terrors of the forest. Its wielder is often depicted as a healer of enormous potential, tending to those who were overcome by afflictions of every kind.

The original creator of the sword is unknown but the skill of the craftsmanship shows that the blade was a work of a master. Its latest appearance in history is in the hands of Remona Ferndown Wellwater, who wielded it against the Cult of the Black Bones. After her death, the blade has once more gone missing.


Even in the darkest of nights the sword has a faint glow that illuminates its surroundings.

The sword is of exceptional quality. It is cut from a single large Coal-Gem and the blade was knapped down to a more manageable size. The images captured within the blade seem to change and the wielders have recorded seeing valleys, armies, forests, and plains. However, no one beyond the wielder have ever reported seeing such images.

The pommel of the blade is of intricately cast silver. It is shaped of into many flowering roses with the thorns facing outwards.
by Arimel using Midjourney

The Legends

The tales on the sword's emergence and return throughout history has many explanations. The truth of these tales are a completely different matter.

Relics of Old
by Loreseeker Ergol

The Sword of Elnorshant is the incarnation of an ancient being. When this being died he reincarnated as the blade to continue his earthly mission.
The sword is a magically enhanced artefact. It has a permanent quest that it imparts on its wielder. As such, holding the blade is a surrendering of your own personality as the sword takes over.

A long time ago there was a mage battle. In a final clash of magic, Eldorshant destroyed his opponent but was transformed in the process, taking the form of the sword. Although his physical body had died, Eldorshant seeks a new life through its wielders.
The sword was crafted by a powerful priest who was a victim of an evil cult. He crafted the sword to hunt down those who had wronged him.

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The Origins of the Sword of Eldorshant

The sword was formed from the essence of one of the elder races. During the chaos they were crystalized and, instead of releasing their hold on life, they held on to combat their darker brethren who had also held on. Upon emerging from the chaos, they used most of their remaining power to shape themselves into a sword to be wielded by the next person who came across them.

As the blade, they retain their intelligence and can communicate with their wielder. Upon the wielders death, most are absorbed into the blade to continue providing power for its mission. As such, this blade is now full of the souls of its previous wielders.
Item type
Weapon, Other
Creation Date
50 BC
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