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Adventuring Rules

Full credit for this document goes to one of the players in my campaign who compiled the list as part of the roleplaying in the game.
Adventuring is a dangerous business so it is important to know some of the base rules before you set out. Here are a few laid out for you!

  1. You have to eat your vegetables otherwise you can be publicly executed, only in Cropstage.
  2. Cults are good.
  3. New rule, cults are not good.
  4. People that wear socks and sandals are bad people and usually are a part of cults.
  5. Do not dig up things in graveyards.
  6. Cults are for life.
  7. The person who figures everything out isn’t always the leader of an adventuring party.
  8. Paintings are part of cults, their role is as of yet, unclear.
  9. Adventurers do their job because it's fun.
  10. All horses are called Bob.
  11. Allegedly, rule number 10 does not apply to Carl, who is Alex’s horse.
  12. Gnomes should always stick together!
  13. There is no excuse to be intentionally racist.
  14. Not all Bobs are horses.
  15. Punishment by gossiping with an enemy's mother is a good way to get revenge.
  16. Magic items are activated by the user saying random things to it until it works.
  17. If you don’t eat your vegetables, a Tarrasque will eat you.
  18. Tarrasques like vegetables.
  19. Drennel is the long version name of Bob.
  20. Pyramids are evil; dead stuff lives in them.
  21. Tortels have kids when they are about to die.
  22. Some people are allergic to specialty beers.
  23. Cities aren’t natural, they’re made by people. Often made of brick.
  24. Surprisingly, shovels are not single-use.
  25. Shovels are bad for the environment.
  26. Always be kind to foxes. (Fobbin Bood, is a famous Gnomish rogue that often masquerades as a fox. They are well known for wearing green, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.)
  27. Telly is short for Tellian. A telly is a Tellian.
  28. Don’t say the ‘S’ word.
This document has been authored by Remona Ferndown Wellwater but published by Flimp Anthane McBlarn in an effort to aid future adventurers in their travels and exploits.
Text, Literature
Authoring Date
2327 AC

Cover image: by Kevin Wong


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