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Worldember's Pledge 2020

I pledge to write at least 10k words in Worldember while still taking care of my health.
— Catoblepon

With Worldember next month, I started to prepare Worlember some days ago (might have been during Halloween night) deciding to start drawing maps for my towns in Branul, where I have been focused since I started Iphars during SummerCamp. Unfortunatly, it seems I've hurt my hand a tad while drawing the first map, so I will be focusing on the editing and finishing articles while also doing the Worldember preparation in place of doing a ton lots of map. Do not get me wrong, I will keep doing maps (I have hopes for doing one more this months) but also I will take care of my hand.

For Worlember, after reading all Iphars and taking notes of all articles and the To-Do list, I have found myself with over 50 stubs that I could work on (which I believe to be a lot, considering I got 33 written articles), but after looking at statistics and taking in account what I most love to write, I have decided that I will mostly write about species, settlements, conditions, and geographic places. This is what I would love more to write, but I would like a bit more of variation on what I write, so here is a list of all articles I have as stubs, and next to the ones I am particulary interested in doing there will be a *.
Remaind to self (or to anyone else reading this): REMEMBER THAT HEALTH IS IMPORTANT. Even if you want to accomplish whatever goal you want, health is important, so don't try push yourself for that goal if your health isn't good.

It is done!

Worldember ends today and I am done with it! I managed to do 10k words, and, while I secretly wanted 25k (because last time I did Worldember I wrote 10k), I am happy to have stopped at 10k because I was starting to feel the burn out. But! I've read a lot of amazing worlds and even created a new world! So I would like to share them here! (Mine articles, if you are curious, are at the end of this article).

Stubs list



This list may expand as the month goes on.
Also, if you, reader, are a follower of my work you might have realize that Emea, Kliras, Kreshath, Izura, and Adea (continents of Iphars that have sneaky peeks in other articles, such as Welcome to Iphars!) haven't appear in any of these list, and that is because I want to focus to Branul and develope as much of it as possible before working on other places.

To-do list before Worldember

As for "homework", right now I got a list of what I would like to do before Worldember ends, this list will update as I do the tasks (will not notify followers for this changes).

  • One more map (would love to do Kinduar, as it is capital of Celasia Empire thought it would be a big task that I do not know if my hand is willing to do)(doing a tiny town map instead as time flew faster than i expected and there's only 7 days left)
  • Change the errors I found in the articles and I noted them down
  • Properly link all the subs and articles to the already published and written articles
  • Create the stubs that are missing
  • Create an Iphars tracksheet in Google Drive
  • Create a general calendar for Iphars
  • WE prep week 1
  • Finish Humans article
  • Change Branul preparation for Branul
  • Fill Branul section in Welcome to Iphars!
  • WE prep week 2
  • WE prep week 3
  • WE prep week 4

Lets organize

Not a fancy article for this week, but I thought it would be good to let know about the changes I did for this week Worldember's prep.
First of all, I started to put articles without categories to their correspondent place, creating more categories if needed (which... to be honest there were a tiny bit more than I thought). I then started to organize them with a tad of logic behind that I am unsure if I will even be able to explain... I deleted them up first, because... yeah, seems like I love to kill myself with work... and then I broke my head deciding how to organize them... why am i even writing this?. I finally decided to divide them as:
  • Competitions - subdivided into Summercamp 2020 and Worldember 2020 (for now) Only main articles of the competitions will be find here, such as for summercamp, there you will find Summer Camp 2020 but not all the prep articles.
  • Meta
  • Religion - subdivided into gods and religions
  • People - subdivided into the different species (divided into characters, cultures, languajes, and rituals & celebrations)
  • Flora & fauna - subdivided into flora and fauna (and each may be divided into other if certain species have two or more subspecies, I'm still thinking about this)
  • Iphars - divided outer space and continents (which is divided into Branul, Izura, Emea, Area, Kliras, and Kreshath, which are divided into settlements, buildings, geography, and countries)
  • Others - subdivided into food, items, technology, materials, and ranks & professions
  • History - subdivided into myth, documents and history
  • Conditions
Not all categories will be seen in the World Codex as not all of them have published articles yet.

As for tags... I have tagged some articles (the ones published or with a definitive name that fill the next requisits), with the tags related to their species (if related to a species) with its ethnicity (if related to ethnicity), with its continent (if related to a continent), its organization (if related to a country or religion), its city (if related to a town or city), and its competition (if related to a competition of WA).


In the following images, characters images will be from heroe forge. As per the terms of service, I'll be using them for a non-commercial use to give characters a visual image (and not only written description).
Every other image will have a link to their original website or to the author website, unless its my own art, and again, for non-commercial use.

Worldember articles

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Nov 9, 2020 03:14

Looks like a great list with a lot of variety!

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Great list! :D You have lots of ideas to go with.

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Your pledge looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing what you write, good luck with worldember!

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Great article. I love the design and how everything is well organized. What I love the most is your advice to take care of our health! That's the most important thing.

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