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The rise and the fall of Deep-Sea Witch - Summary

With the disappearance of one of our chroniclers, it is extremely important to analyze their last reports. In this case, we'll be looking at entries 632, 633 and 634. The ones related to the entity that has been called the "Deep-Sea Witch".  

The events

The beginning

The events at the beginning of entry number 632 follow the daily routine of the chronicler until the moment when he reaches his workplace. There, he notices that the spire of Golvageth's Library, which serves as a tool to measure levels of Color in the air overflows with Blue and Black Colors, spilling on the ground below.   At the same time, in the docks, one of the Azure ships belonging to Kelp Gatherers has been destroyed by something. The chronicler finds a vantage point inside the library, and using his farlens, starts to observe the commotion. The Shore Guard starts to gather at the docks.  

The Witch

From the waters of the sea, the Deep-Sea Witch emerges. Her body has been changed from human's into that able to survive in Black depths of the sea using large amounts of Adaptation spells. Similarly, instead of speaking the commonly known language, she uses Black Speech, a language which turns words into tar-like lumps floating in the air.
The Witch summons Blue Clouds and spreads them through the city. Anyone touched by them (and not protected in any way), gets hypnotized (which is manifested in form of Blue Eyes) and goes back to their home. A first of the clues that said Witch isn't hostile towards the Shore folk.
The Witch then calls the Beasts of the depths, which, according to the report number 634, were once humans that were oversaturated by Blackness after being sent to the depths of the sea using Sea Shackles through the Sea Grave Banishment.  

The battle

Some of the members of Southern Tricoven, an organization which controlled Golvageth for the previous hundreds of years, show up. Deep-Sea Witch asks the beasts to evacuate, however, both them and she get completely crushed by the might of Tricoven.
The Deep-Sea Witch gets captured and once again is banished to the bottom of the sea.  


To clean the mess and avoid unnecessary questions, Witches summon a second wave of Blue Clouds which wipes off the memories of people from the day of the "attack". In the upcoming days, Chronicler finds a secret sealed with a spell within one of the books of the library. Tale of the Witch of Purification, which describes the past of the Deep-Sea Witch.
A month later, he compromises his identity by searching too much for more info about the whole situation and breaking one of the rules created by one of the Witches.
All contact with him is lost, though it is easy to assume that he either was captured or ended his own life before there was even a chance of someone pulling any info from him.

The author

The Chronicler of Golvageth, just like other chroniclers, was our hidden agent, someone whose main role was to provide us with any possible information about Witches. Just like with any other agent of this title, there was no contact between us and them aside from the reports they sent us. It is important to mention that the Chronicler of Golvageth worked at Golvageth's Library, one of the biggest libraries on the continent, and he was one of the higher-ranked employees, having access to all but one floor of said library.  

The location

The Tricity of Golvageth, an industrial town, the southernmost settlement of the continent, and the Southern Sea near which it was built.  

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Cover image: Chronicler by Revyera


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