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The Wife

  The wife is the highest-ranking Bell, the organization that captured the widower and keeps him and his cries silenced. The Wife ensures that the order works correctly and according to their principles, as well as guiding them.
A wife to the widower, least he dooms the fields and everyone living on them again.


The Bell's order must be ruled by someone who carries the memories of the tragedy suffered by the widow, and then the tragedies enacted by the widow. Only one who carries the memories in their soul can hope to keep the order's mission true.


When the previous Wife dies, each Bell who meets the requirements will be sent to spend one day cycle with the widower. Those that are still keen on becoming the Wife after the experience, put their name forward.   All of those names are etched onto a tree's seed and planted in the orchard. The first fruit that the tree produces will have etched in their seed a single name. The named fey becomes from that day forward, the Wife. In the interim, all of them share the duties and responsibilities.


A Wife's main responsibility is to keep the widower in a good condition. The worst that could happen would be for the widower to die and their tormented soul return to the plane's energy, spawning new terrors.   They are also responsible for the behaviour of the Bells, and to make sure they are keeping up with the maintenance of silence in Pindrop. The order also has an impressive bakery business, but this requires a lot of attention itself, so the Wife is not responsible for overseeing it.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Wife's dress is adorned with hundreds of silent jingle bells and they carry with them a large staff which resembles a stiff snake.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

In the history of the order, there has never been a need to remove or dismiss a Wife. The few times that the widower died (or the single time he managed to escape), the Wife in charge dedicated her life to recover him; every single time, they lost their lives in the process, so the order never had to deal with such a process.

Plot hook

With the murder of Tyrialjee, many will look out to the Wife to provide some stability until a new overseer is pronounced. Jull, however, has her hands full trying to figure out who is stealing their silent jingle bells.
Alternative Naming
The Widower's Wife
by Anuxinamoon

The order of the bell

The Silence Keepers are in charge of keeping the magical silence in Pindrop.   Their building, a stone shaped like a coiled snake, stands right in the middle of Pindrop.   Its members can be distinguished because they all ride in flying snakes whenever they leave their building.  
Protect Pindrop and The Cloud Fields against the corruption of the widower's influence and maddening cries.
Keep the widower ensnared within the confines of their building, at the cost of their own life if necessary.


The current Wife's name is Jull. They are a Brownie, although they used to be a Mimih when the widower roamed freely. Jull has a passion for gardening, and under their direction, the orchard of the order has grown in size and variety. This serves the order well, as it increases the quantity and variety of fruits at their disposal for filling their baked goods.

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A day in the life of a Wife

Except during emergencies (widower-related, baking-related, or random chaos), the job of the wife is deceptively simple. Most enjoy a good life with plenty of free time, interspersed with their duties.
The personality of the Wife has a strong mark on what her schedule looks like. For example, some chose to visit the widower once a day for a brief period, to make sure they are alive and well given the circumstances, whereas others chose to visit him for a bit longer, but only every several days.
Some undertake new responsibilities, hobbies, or projects, for their sake, or for the order's sake. Oftentimes, these occupy more time than anything else. The bakery started as the personal project of one Wife, many, many years ago. When resources to keep the widower started running low, other fey quick to forget the massive damage he had caused, the Wife decided to start selling baked goods to collect money to keep the operation running.
Few in the position of Wife continue patrolling Pindrop with their silent jingle bells on a regular basis. This is seen as a job for the Bells, and thus, when the Wife goes on patrol, it is more for show or as a political move than anything else. That said, the apparel of the Wife has the most silent bells in the ordere, so when there is a large commotion, she is expected to attend.

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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
15 Dec, 2020 01:58

Oh no, the jingle bells! Who is stealing them?   This is a really interesting article. I like the idea of silent jingle bells. It makes me shiver a little, though I'm not sure why.   Is there more than one widower? You say he dies and one time escaped. Or is it like a resurrection thing?   I think the alternative name should be 'widower's wife' rather than 'widow's wife'.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
15 Dec, 2020 08:35

I already have ideas for who is behind the thefts, but I'm not sure I'll develop them much if my players do not engage with the Bells.   I love to know it makes you shiver a little. That means I made a good fey article ;)   There is only one widower, but death is temporary in the fey plane. Their souls are simply recycled and they are born again. The article hints at this happening in the past, with bad consequences, but maybe I have to make it more clear.   And thanks for catching that, I only learned mid-article the difference between widow and widower XD

27 Dec, 2020 22:29

Very nice and interesting rank, Silo! Not gonna lie, the fact that the order has an "impressive bakery business" took my by surprise and make me giggle. All of the details on the article connect super well to each other!

29 Dec, 2020 11:14

Thanks so much!
Fun fact: the inspiration from this order came from the traditional "catholic nuns who have made vows of silence and bake awesome tasties". Of course, I wanted a more interesting reason to have to be silent :P