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Introduction to Isidoro

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Meta Knowledge

The setting of Isidoro is meant for an Urban/ Modern Fantasy genre, and as a result meshes present day/recent technology with magic. This is one of the main sources of tension within the world, and will be discussed more in the Arcane VS Tech section.The appeal of the urban/modern fantasy genre was combining familiar settings with fantasy creatures and scenarios, such as people living among dragons, or using glamours instead of hair dye or body mods. It takes inspiration from many medias: DND/ RPGs, novels, TV and more. Combining these concepts and playing with how they interact is a huge draw for me.
While these ideas are the backdrop, the main focus is on an organization called Penumbra. Their motives appear to be pure, but it seems like there's something darker under the surface just waiting to come to light. The story within this world is planned to feature Body Horror and Mature Themes, but this Codex aims to keep it's content PG-13 using implications for the more...brutal aspects of this setting.



The Devi Pantheon

The Gods/Goddesses of Death, Destruction/Lethargy, Creation/Energy, and Life
  The Devi Pantheon is a gathering of the main Gods and Goddesses within the Dev designation. This pantheon involves the main four elements of the earth, as well as beings with dominion over life and death. They are often paired up in groups of four: The Life-force Quartet and the Elemental Quartet; Life, Death, Lethargy, and Creation in the Life-force Quartet, and the Gods of Earth, Air, Fire and Water of course falling into the Elemental Quartet.   These gods are a part of the Isidoro Calendar. There are celebrations for each god and goddess, and all of them have temples scattered across the land, staffed by a few devoted personnel and Priest or Priestesses that heads the ceremonies.
The God/Goddesses of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water



  Shortly after The Bloodkeeper-Human War the bloodkeepers began to seperate from the worshipping of Devishtari, believing the Goddess to abandon them to the unfair slaughter and genocide of their people. During this time, temples under her name were ransacked, such as Norcrest Temple.   These events caused The Creation of Silence, rumoured to be a bloodkeeper or two bloodkeepers, elevated to God status to reign over and protect their people.   This god is explicitly referred to with they/them pronouns, due to their creation myth. Some depictions state that when they show themselves in front of others they will present in a way that makes the one in front of them most comfortable. Many bloodkeepers honour the dark fur of their god, and some cultures seek to imitate their fur.


Elemental Icons

Magic is commonplace in the world of Isidoro, as mana runs through the world, through the air, land and sea. Many beings are capable of feats of magic, though those with difficulties are able to have magic enhancing trinkets to aid them in focusing, channeling and boosting their magical prowess. Every being has at least one magical affinity: a specialty that their species is skilled in and will typically excel in from birth. For further reading, see the Elemental Magic page.  
Click the Ley-Lines Layer to see the magical undercurrent of Isidoro.

The Nexus and The Holy Points

  Within Isidoro's very being, are veins of magic. This current runs through the landmass, crossing at various points within the earth. There are sixteen (16) points in total, but there are nine (9) that are considered holy. They are the farthest landmass and sea points, along with the Nexus. The typical swears and curses remove the Nexus from the count, and keep it to 8. There are minor intersections within the circle, though those are considered average.  

Arcane vs Tech

  While many places have accepted magic into their everyday lives, there are some locations where magic is shunned or considered far too restrictive. This divide has caused countless years of fighting and struggles for beings that are innately magical, such as dragons. In fact, this great divide came to the forefront in the dissipation of Hippessia, splitting it in two. The disagreements have simply accelerated and grown from there, and in harsher communities, there are even laws forbidding magical species to live in certain areas.


Areas that are abundant in magical energy. These locations are accepting of glamours, public magic use, and magical creatures.These are spaces where one can go to to improve their magical prowess.


While some locations are more wary about Magic and Technology combining, there are some cities and settlements that are trying to embrace magic and create the best of both worlds. There is a prominent example in the business Penumbra.


These areas have pushed magic to the side, attempting to push technology to the forefront. These locations are not as comfortable with open displays of magic, and magical creatures. Magitech may be used occasionally.


There are numerous species within Isidoro, and while some may be mentioned in this section there are others that are not as relevant. To see all of the species within the land, using The Visual Guide to the Species of Isidoro is recommended, due to its gallery. This section is a WIP.


Bloodkeepers are a demon species, made for hunting in small packs and living in large communal groups.Their territories span from lush forests, snowy tundras, and blistering deserts. Each of these locals affect how Bloodkeepers appear, and changes their culture.

The species, true to their namesake--consume minimal blood during rituals, customs, or other circumstances. They are a Mana attuned species and with their blood consumption, intake some of the Mana within it. This is usually saved for prey they have hunted, as Bloodkeepers use this to give thanks for the life lost to give them sustenance.

Bloodkeepers are wary of humans, the only ones that are somewhat used to them are ones that have moved into human settlements.

Bloodkeeper Family

Corvid Family


Corvids are a demon species, which typically live in medium to large sized communal groups, and they are suited for hunting in pairs before returning to their current community. Their territories span lush forest, cliff-side abodes, and more; the Corvids are an adaptable species, but avoid frigid climates.   Their species is named after the common species of corvids they resemble, with wide wing spans, dark plumage and taloned lower limbs. They are the inspiration for myths of winged humanioids such as Harpies.   They are wary of humans, though they're not as reclusive as Bloodkeepers . Corvids are able to co-exist with usually little judgement.



Dragons are a wide category of creatures, known for their normally large statures and impressive magical skill. They are known to live in small groups, due to how they grow as they age. Their territory is spread far and wide throughout Isidoro, covering the land, air, and sea.

The species is incredibly magical, having one of, if not the best magical capabilities of all creatures and beings existing in Isidoro. Their bodies are heavily stocked with mana, and it is assumed that this abundance is part of the reason they are such potent and dangerous magic users.

Dragons are mostly secretive, and most species of dragon are likely to avoid many other species of Isidoro. They have been hunted and heavily prosecuted in the past, and as a result tend to not meddle in other species affairs unless asked.

Dragon Family



Mermaids are Wild Folk, and live within Isidoro's oceans and rivers. They are not constricted to saltwater, and can thrive within freshwater as well. They often live in pods with a collection of other families, and feel safer in a group than alone.

They cannot live out of water without heavy magical aid to keep their gills and aquatic body-parts damp and properly maintained. As a result, if any do live out of water, they typically choose coastal cities, or areas near numerous bodies of water.

Mermaids don't mind interaction with other species, and some of their closest allies are water dragons. It isn't uncommon to find a water dragon acting as extra security or a bodyguard for a pod.

Mermaid Family
Naga Family


Naga are a demon species, which typically live in small to medium sized communal groups, and they are suited for hunting alone, or rarely in pairs, before returning to their current community. Their territories span deserts, rain forests, and more; however due to their serpentine physiology they cannot handle cold temperatures.   Their tails come in a variety of patterns, and communities normally are of one particular scale pattern. It is abnormal to see many types of naga in a single village unless it is a trading caravan or village.   They are wary of humans, though they're not as reclusive as Bloodkeepers . Nagas typically have a hard time co-existing with humans, due to their size and intimidating features.



Weres are a shape-shifting Demon species, which typically live in medium to large sized communal groups, and are often seen adopting other species into their communities and family. They live just about everywhere, often among humans due to the fact they blend in so well.

While one may think of a stereotypical werewolf scenario, weres are far more varied; in fact, if it is a land living species and is a predator, you're likely to come across one. (For example: wolves, foxes, big cats, badgers, etc). They are the inspiration for myths of Lycanthropy, through many will tell you 'not all Were's are wolves!'.

They interact well with other species due to their shapeshifting, and have a strong comradery with Bloodkeepers.

Were Family

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