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Isidoro Calendar

The Devi Calendar

In the nation of Isidoro, the way of keeping track of dates is with the Devi Calendar. The Devi Calendar is named after the Goddess Devishtari and is separated into four Seasons, each named after a secondary God or Goddess.

For ease of comprehension and understanding, real life counterparts of the months are placed in brackets.

Seasons of Eira

Looked over by Deveira the Goddess of Water
Eiraose (December)
Frigusose (January)
Ventose (February)

Seasons of Vitaea

Looked over by Devita the Goddess of Life
Pluvieal (March)
Vitaeal (April)
Cresceal (May)

Seasons of Basta

Looked over by Devbasta the God of Fire
Siccidor (June)
Bastaidor (July)
Umidaidor (August)

Seasons of Terra

Looked over by Devterra the Goddess of Earth
Terraire (September)
Messisaire (October)
Ventaire (November)

Patron Months and Celebrations

In the Devi Calendar, along with months being named after some Patron Gods and Goddesses, there is also a month that follows their naming convention as well. During this month, there are widespread celebrations that seek to honor the Gods and look for their blessings.

Depending on which season it is, it will be done a specific way and for a specific reason. For example: In the season of Terra, in the month of Terraire, is when the celebration of Devterra would take place. It follows the same category for the others: Basta and Bastaidor for Devbasta; Vitaea and Vitaeal for Devita; and lastly Eira and Eiraose for Deveira.    
Days In Year
Total Months
Hours In A Day
Spring Equivalent
Summer Equivalent
Fall Equivalent
Winter Equivalent

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Author's Notes

The Calendar embed is a WIP and will be changing a lot as the calendar function evolves! Please ignore any funkiness!

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4 Sep, 2018 11:23

Hey! The "I like your art-style"-guy is here again. ^^ I mean, honestly, it is just awesome. Keep on. ^^

A question to your article: You said that there are celebrations for each deity. Are all of these happy celebrations? Or are there devotional or sad celebrations as well, for example when everything is dark and grey in winter, or when stocks are coming to an end?

Question no. 2: Why do all months in one season have the same post-fix? Do these postfixes have meaning, or are they just uniform within one season to ease pronouncement?

23 Sep, 2018 20:14

Most are respectful celebrations! All may not be happy, but at the very least they're respectful to the god the event is about.   The months all have the same post-fix since it was something I saw with olden day calendars and I thought it was neat : D