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Dragons have a wide arrangement of appearances, though they are known for their normally large statures and impressive magical skill. They live in small groups, due to how large they grow as they age. Dragons call many places in Isidoro home, spanning the air, land and sea.

The species has immense magical talent, having one of -if not the best- magical capabilities of all creatures existing in Isidoro. Their bodies are heavily stocked with mana, and it is assumed that this abundance is part of the reason they are such potent and dangerous magic users.

Dragons tend to be secretive, and most are likely to avoid contact with others, due to their history of being hunted, poached and heavily persecuted in the past. As a result of this, they tend to not meddle in other species affairs unless asked.



  Dragons vary depending on their element (sometimes called by some 'sub-species' though they all carry the moniker 'dragon' or 'elemental dragon'), and as a result there is no one way to describe them. Some have feathers, some have scales, some even have quills. One thing that brings them all together is that all dragons have wings, and tails, and most have some type of horn or head adornment.  


  While dragons typically avoid interacting with other species, some have integrated with beings and live among them as peers. Due to the sheer size difference in species, it is common to see dragons shapeshift and use glamours to walk among the smaller species. Each species is different, but below are some common examples of different degrees of shapeshifting.  


  Colloquially called a 'morph', this is when dragons take on human shape and size, but ignore skin-tone and instead keeping the colour of their scales or skin. This is the form a dragon will take as the bare minimum, just barely suited to interact with other beings.   This is easiest on the dragon, as this takes a minimum amount of Mana and concentration, and is less likely to suddenly 'snap' off due to fatigue.   Example used: Ice Dragon, displaying wings, horns, and skin colouration matching common ice dragon scale patterns.


Masked is a term for dragons that take on human skin tone, but often have imperfections that hint at their scales indirectly, or directly. Many Still have their horns, tails, wings or more. Most dragons may use this kind of shift as it is not an intense pull on their magical resources, and doesn't attract as many stares as a Morph.   Dragons that have decided to live among humans tend to use this form once they've settled in, and will often change what they display day-to-day, based on energy levels.   Example used: Dark Dragon, displaying wings and horns, but with human skin-tone with the exception of stomach plates.


  Named such due to the fact that if a dragon so wishes, they can technically mirror humanoid species. Dragons using the mirror shifting method will take human shape, leaving only their tails and horns as reminders of their species.   This one is considered most comfortable for the humans around them, but is far more taxing on the dragon themselves. Many dragons avoid using this kind of shifting unless they're in a wide open space where transforming back in-case of fatigue will not ruin structures.   Example used: Water Dragon, displaying a tail, minor skin discoloration on scars, and broken horn.

Elemental Dragons


There are eight species of dragons, each belonging to one of each element.The element they belong to determines their appearance, along with their affinities and weaknesses. Each dragon is shaped for excelling at the element it is born into, so they can thrive as a species. See the gallery at the bottom of the article for examples.  


While dragons are born into a single element, that does not mean they are unable to learn the other seven. Dragons are the only species in Isidoro capable of learning all of the elements of magic with little difficulty. Dragons are natural magic adepts, and are often sought out as teachers to the magically inclined.

Dragon Magic Affinity

Note: Table indicates the difficulty for each species to learn the elements. 0 = born into, 1-3 = simple to difficult, 4 = extremely difficult.
It is important to not underestimate dragons, as they are a wild-card when it comes to protecting themselves and their loved ones. Once provoked, they are known to use everything at their disposal to vanquish their foes.


Dragons and Non-Dragon Species Interaction

Dragons attempt to be generous and understanding to all sentient species, however some relationships are more rocky than others. They have begun to get more secretive over the years.


Dragons & Bloodkeepers

Dragons and bloodkeepers have a very good relationship with one another.They often share land and resources, and are known to have many mutually beneficial treaties and agreements.

It is not uncommon for them to share land, and some juvenile dragons often act as protectors of bloodkeeper land. In exchange it appears that bloodkeepers have vowed to protect dragon young, and are known to threaten and chase away other species from dragon nesting grounds.

Dragons & Humans

Humans and dragons have always been on thin ice with one another. Due to the originally bad reputations dragons had among humans, they were hunted heavily, and violent interactions were commonplace between the two races.

It has taken extensive treaties and years of new attempts at peace to make dragons feel at ease. Dragons tend to be elusive in their natural forms, choosing to shapeshift to interact with humans in an attempt to keep them at ease.

Dragon Poaching

  Dragon poaching is a rare but brutal past time. It used to be vastly popular, until it was discovered that dragons are sentient and intelligent creatures. Since dragon horns are typically made of rare and valuable materials, dragons were often hunted down in their youth or adolescent years and killed for their parts. This is particularly true of Water, Earth, Light, and Lightning dragons.   The main poachers used to be the Knights of Valor, vowing to protect others from dragons and using the resources from the kills as way to create stronger armour, fashion items, or other resources; they were usually honourable with their kills and typically only did so if a settlement was threatened, or if hired to by high ranking officials. They disbanded when dragons' sentience was discovered.   However, they have now have been re-made by Moyra Hart as a black-market dragon poaching organization, heavily steeped in racist and species-ist ideals.

Basic Information


Dragon anatomy varies from sub-species to sub-species. Most common joining features are a tail, wings, and some kind of head adornment. See other pages for specifics.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dragons are an egg-laying species. Females consume large quantities of food in preparation for nesting with their eggs. Mothers will refuse to leave their eggs, remaining firmly planted in her nest and even fasting until hatched. This can lead to the mother expiring if she has not consumed enough to support herself.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dragons are omnivores, though most prefer meat. Dragons will hunt as units, and store their food in family or clan hoards.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Dragons have comparable intelligence to humans. They are usually considered more wise and knowledgeable due to their long lifespans.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Shapeshifting; telepathy and empathetic perception (emotion sensing) ; dragons have incredibly sensitive senses above mortal standards, and are also able to sense magic around them.
Scientific Name
Draco verus
800-1000 years
Average Height
6 ft-20 ft
Average Weight
4,000 lbs-160,000 lbs
Average Length
17ft-20 ft
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