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  Dragonscale is a generalized term meaning any 'skin' of a dragon. Scales and Fur, for example. Dragonscale and its counterparts are black market materials poached from various Dragons in Isidoro. The means to get this material is 90% done by the Knights of Valor, and they are the most well known name for dragon material acquisition.


Physical Characteristics

Depending on the dragon used, the characteristics differ. The chart below displays what kind of materials come from which dragon.

Harvest-able Dragon Parts

MaterialAir DragonDark DragonEarth DragonFire DragonIce DragonLight DragonLightn. DragonWater Dragon


Main properties that beings look for in a Dragonscale material is resistance to its elemental counterpart, sturdiness of the material, and finish.

Origin & Source

The origin of this material are the eight elemental dragon species that live in Isidoro. However, unless it is shed skin, horn fragments or other such parts of them given willingly, the material is considered illicit and illegal.   The amount of scale and material needed to create clothing and other accessories is so fast, that if one owns a dragonscale item, it is either taken years to make legally or likely made from dragons who lost their life.


Trade & Market

Black Market Goods

  Dragonscale used to be a material reserved for Knights and Royalty in the time of Dragon Slaying, and was a status symbol. When it was discovered that dragons were not brainless beasts, the act of slaying a dragon and using its body as various types of trophies were outlawed.   It has been rumoured that Port Lautaganan carries some of the KoV's products, but vendors have not been caught yet, and always seem to be a step ahead of law enforcement.

Dragon Horn
Incredibly rare; black market sales mean this item is technically not supposed to be on market at all.
Comes in many different colours; earth dragon scales are considered the most vibrant and valueable.
Related Species

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