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Ice Dragon


Ice dragons are one of the less common of the dragon species in Isidoro. They are known for building their homes with seaside rocks and a shell of their own ice, and occasionally dwell underwater. They are often spotted hunting prey around fishing holes in the ice, and can be found in the water in warmer seasons.

Their ideal territories are frigid and cold, as the dragons are only able to flourish in temperatures below average. Locations with snow almost all year round are their most common roosting spot.

Crystal Growth

Ice dragons grow magically imbued crystals along the tops of their hands and tails, which are shed occasionally. The crystals glow when submerged in dark water, allowing the dragon to hunt at all hours. They can vary in opacity from dark to nearly transparent depending on the diet of the dragon.


Ice dragon's horns start out as small nubs, and grow additional branches and points as the dragon ages. Ice dragons commonly grow an extra branch for each century they have lived.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Draco verus glacies
Related Materials
Common Locations
Laeksiv, Laimala, Qucel

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Cover image: by ChaosTearKitsune


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