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Fire Dragon


Fire dragons are one of the most common of the eight main dragon species in Isidoro, both types are known to reside in the hotter areas of Isidoro. They are a hardy species, and particularly the Magma variant are able to handle sweltering temperatures that would make other species overheat.

Their ideal territories are split due to how they've migrated; Magma prefer to roost near volcanoes, while Charcoal will live anywhere that is above average temperature with minimal rains. However, both types will stay clear of areas with overly high condensation.

Types of Fire Dragons

Fire Dragons are split into two categories, Charcoal and Magma. Originally, there were only Magma Fire dragons, living exclusively in volcanic regions. As they migrated in different groups, their looks began to vary due to their change in grooming habits.

They are capable of breeding with one another, as the only difference between them is their grooming behaviours.

Charcoal vs Magma

Charcoal Fire Dragon

Charcoal Fire dragons are the more common of the two.
They are less vibrantly coloured than their Magma counterpart, having lost some of their luster from no longer taking heat baths in lava--though they are known to roll in dust and then ignite themselves with their own flames.

Magma Fire Dragon

Magma Fire dragons are the more rare of the two.
Magma dragons colour is due to the fact that they heat their scales with the deepest fires of the earth; bathing in molten rocks. They are far hotter to the touch then their Charcoal counterpart, and interacting with them is dangerous.

Fire Vents

Fire dragons have a set of fire vents along their flank and tail, which are used for a variety of things, ranging from defensive maneuvers, increasing their body heat, or mating displays. They are one of the hottest parts of a Fire dragon, making sure that any potential predators going after younger dragons cannot grab them from behind.

Defensive Maneuvers

Fire vents can be used to expel blasts of heat and fire, wreathing the dragon in flames. This keeps them from being attacked from behind, as the flames can easily cause second to third degree burns. It is common for fire dragons to puff their chest up while activating their vents, before slamming and swinging their tail and flank against opponents.

Increasing Body Heat

As a dragon linked closely to fire, keeping their body heat at a consistent level is key. Using the fire vents, fire dragons can regulate their temperature outside of basking in heated areas. Using their magic, the can create subtle embers from the vents, creating an aura of warmth around their bodies.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All general Dragon abilities; heat sensitivity; fire magic;
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Draco verus ignis
Common Locations
Alkast, Laeksiv

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