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Light Dragon


Light dragons are one of the rarest dragon species in Isidoro, known for their slender limbs and long tail. They are known for building their homes in treetop canopies, and the young often nest in knotholes. They are often spotted at dawn and dusk when hunting, but are wary of humans and disappear as soon as they're aware they're being watched.

Their ideal territories are ones that get plenty of sunlight, and are warm and mild. A sure sign of light dragon activity is will-o'-whisps, and lush flora.


Light dragons most commonly fly as means of movement, given that they have soft underbellies. If they do crawl, they will still flap their wings, and hold their body up with their two sets of limbs with their tail held up to have as little contact with the ground as possible.

When resting, light dragons will wrap their limbs and tail around stable branches. This is possible due to how light dragons do not grow as big as their other elemental counterparts.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Draco verus lux
Common Locations
Alkast, Juptmou, Piray,

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Cover image: by ChaosTearKitsune


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