Rogues are masters of stealth, agility, cunning, and generally fighting dirty. They can be found in the seedy underworld of every city in the multiverse and in ancient dungeons everywhere (dead or alive, depending on their skills). They rely on their own ability more than any other adventurer, typically lightly armed and armoured compared to the typical fighter, and much less skilled at magic than wizards and clerics. Many rogues learn a special language called Thieves' Cant, which allows a rogue to stealthily communicate with another - either through specific word choices verbally, or hand signals from a distance.

Rather than overwhelming their opponents through sheer power, rogues instead prefer to find gaps in their opponents' defenses and perform a single decisive blow. They work best in groups with others, who can distract an opponent long enough for a rogue to get their hit in. Rogues are typically associated with thieves, assassins, burglars, and other outlaws, but can just as easily be investigators, locksmiths, exterminators, or explorers. Either way, they are very commonly represented within the adventuring community. Proficiency at stealth is extremely common among rogues, as is trap-disarming and lockpicking, but rogues are typically very good at a wide variety of skills. Without the aid of magic or martial weapons, they rely much more heavily on their own skills to get by.

Every rogue is different in their own right, but many teach either other skills - especially in theives' guilds like the Guild in Baldur's Gate. Due to this, many rogues share abilities and can be classified in similar ways. Thieves are the most common, specialising in stealth, climbing, and using magic items. Assassins, as the name suggests, are people trained to infiltrate secure locations and kill their targets. Arcane Tricksters learn some measure of arcane magic to augment their abilities.


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