Wizards are the most common and most respected type of arcane spellcaster. Wizards study and train with magic, usually with existing mages or at magical academies (but some wizards are self-taught). Compared to other spellcasters, wizards are typically disciplined and more formulaic with their spells. The defining attribute of a wizard is their spellbook, where they write down their spells that they have learned, in order to be able to memorise them when they need to - a wizard can only memorise about a half dozen to two dozen spells at once, depending on their ability. Most wizards access the Art through the Weave, but a very small number instead use the Shadow Weave. As such, many wizards in Faerûn follow the goddess Mystra, who in some respects is the Weave.

Most wizards typically only know a few cantrips and 1st- or 2nd-level spells, but even this limited magic makes them much more powerful than the average person. Compared to other spellcasters, wizards also have access to the largest repertoire of spells, and can cast ritual spells directly from their spellbook, instead of needing to memorise them. Most wizards specialise into one of the different schools of magic. Prior to the Spellplague, their specialisation made them worse at casting opposing school spells, but by the late 15th century DR, this was no longer the case. Some other wizards have specialities elsewhere, such as the wizards of the Order of Scribes, elvish Bladesingers, and battlemages.

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