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Valfaris Fogbinder

Valfaris Fogbinder

Valfaris Fogbinder is a female tiefling, anthropologist, wizard, and adventurer. Born in Athkatla in 1466 DR, she embarked on multiple expeditions to Chult, studying the native peoples of the peninsula. When she was caught illegally casting magic in the Amnian colony of Snowdown, she fled to the city of Waterdeep. There, she became embroiled in a plot by the drow mercenary Jarlaxle Baenre to steal half a million gold pieces embezzled from the city's treasury by Dagult Neverember. Valfaris and her companions managed to return the money to the authorities, and later entered the deep labyrinth of Undermountain.

Valfaris is a competent wizard, specialising in abjuration and necromancy. She carries a number of skeletons she claims to have completely legally dug up, named Timothy, Jimson, Robert, and Demoux. She also has a crow familiar named J'eff.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Valfaris was born in the port city of Athkatla, within the mercantilist nation of Amn. Her parents were lower-middle class business owners who ran a general goods store, largely targeted at the many merchants and other visitors who frequented the city’s docks.   By her late teens, Valfaris’ aptitude for magic was noticed, and as such she was sent by her parents to Baldur's Gate to study arcane magic, as doing so was prohibited within Amn. However, after just over a year, her parents’ business started to decline in profitability, and as such they could no longer afford to pay for her education, so she went back home to help with the business. After two more years of living in Athkatla, and after having helped stabilise the family business, Valfaris joined an expedition to Chult. The expedition first visited Port Nyanzaru, Amn’s largest outpost in Chult, before proceeding down the Soshenstar River via keelboat.   Throughout the journey, the party was harassed by groups of undead almost constantly, forcing them to turn back after only a week, and before they reached their destination of Camp Vengeance. After a few days in Port Nyanzaru, the expedition officially disbanded and Valfaris returned to Athkatla again. Despite the failure of the expedition, Valfaris was paid a significant sum of money by its organisers, and more importantly she become fascinated with what she had seen in Chult, particularly the undead.   Within two months of returning home, Valfaris enrolled in a local academy and began learning a variety of different languages, as well as secretly dabbling in some necromantic spells. It was also in this two-year period that she developed a penchant for pranks. After studying for two years, she joined another expedition to Chult, following the same route as the previous one, and organised by the same people. This time, the party went three weeks without a major incident, but was eventually attacked by a group of Pterafolk.   In the ensuing chaos, Valfaris and another party member, a human male named Joulvac Endenul were separated from their companions and become lost in the jungles whilst fleeing the battle. After two days of wandering, Joulvac fell ill due to dehydration, and when Valfaris returned to him after collecting some water, she saw a number of goblins surrounding him. She managed to use her limited knowledge of the Goblin language to convince the goblins not to attack, and the pair were escorted to the goblins’ camp.   Valfaris and Joulvac lived amongst the goblins for ten months, during which time they befriended its leadership, and Valfaris made extensive notes about their culture and society. After this time, the two began heading back to the Soshenstar River in the hopes of finding a way back to Port Nyanzaru. Over the course of three months, they encountered several more tribes of various races, as well as many local creatures, including dinosaurs, all of which they observed from afar, before eventually finding their way back to the port. They both returned to Athkatla, and remained close friends.   Valfaris spent the next few years living in Athkatla, helping with the family business and going on several smaller-scale expeditions to places like the Forest of Tethir and the Small Teeth Mountains. Eventually, she and Joulvac joined an expedition to Amn’s colony in the Island of Snowdown, where they witnessed the harsh conditions that the native Ffolk were subject to by the colonial government. She was eventually caught by the authorities using magic to disguise her appearance in order to observe a meeting of Ffolk separatists. The authorities accused her of both treason and illegal use of arcane magic, but she managed to flee and stow away on a ship heading to Waterdeep.
Date of Birth
14th of Mirtul
Year of Birth
1466 DR 29 Years old
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
140 lbs
Aligned Organization
Related Plots
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