The Guild

The Guild is a criminal organisation that primarily operates in Baldur's Gate. It exerts great influence over the city, and controls virtually all aspects of organised crime within the city. As of the late 15th century, it is led by Astele "Nine-Fingers" Keene.


The Guild is well-organised and structured in a hierarchical manner. The Guildmaster runs the entire Guild, and is currently Astele Keene. The Guildmaster usually gives directions via associates to the next level down, which is the Kingpins. Each Kingpin is responsible for a different section of the city. Kingpins run their own gangs, but each followed the same general rank structure: operators, who are skilled career criminals; enforcers, who are the Guild's muscle; and footpads, who are there to commit simple crimes and act as general manpower for the rest of the Guild. People who are outside of the Guild but still assist it in some way are referred to as assets - their help does not necessarily need to be willing.

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