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Nehalenor's Commune

Nehalenor was originally written by Dani for his character Saleiar Thalas. Adapted by Lia Felis.
Its population is approximately 22,000 people, although no Council has yet felt the urge to count it. They live in small groups, like a family (200-400 people). There are two tribes each in the mountains and on the seashore, they are less characterized by migration than their forest relatives. Their society is matriarchal, and Narmiraen's retainers can only be priestesses. The country is governed by the so-called Council of Elders, made up of 12 high priestesses (each tribe delegates one member). Their membership is shrouded in obscurity, in their eyes it is a service.
Their society is closed, they do not tolerate strangers among them. Except for a few merchants, their borders are completely closed. The trespassers are made to leave with nice words or force. As a result, they are distrustful and racist towards all beings of a different species. People are viewed with distrust and strangeness. They have an outright hatred for Dwarves, for them Dwarves destroy mother nature. Others - especially evil species - are not tolerated.
Profane magic is treated as taboo, since if the magic is not of sacred origin, then it is unreliable. In addition to their priestesses, their chanters and forest masters also use smaller magics of sacred origin. The former are especially good at illusions and conjuring up sounds, thus adding color to their performances. Their forest masters take care of their environment with nature-based spells. While their priests can only be women, their chanters and forest masters are mainly men. Magical talents are not allowed to go to waste in this way.
- Written by Dani, player of the first Narmiron elf character, Saleiar Thalas. Translated by Lia Felis.


Their society is matriarchal, and Narmiraen's retainers can only be priestesses. The country is governed by tShonla, made up of 12 high priestesses (each tribe delegates one member). Their membership is shrouded in obscurity, in their eyes it is a service.


After closing the borders of Nehalenor, its connection with the outside world was almost completely cut off, only selected merchants are willing to trade, and entry is forbidden to outsiders.


The valley extends from the southern border to the northern seashore of Blackwater and mountains. Its territory is mostly covered by forest, and its countless lakes and rivers feed the families abundantly. Their city are larger communities hidden in the forest, where their trade takes place. These are smaller temporary settlements in harmony with nature – typically built of wood. Their capital is Forestdeep, the only large settlement in the heart of the kingdom, on the coast of Cascade. The city was built in the wall of a cliff, on both sides of a waterfall. All the major buildings of the kingdom are located here. Great Sanctuary of Narmiraen, Academy of Priestesses, Great Library, Shonla's House, World Tree, etc.
Valley of Nehalenor
Geographic Location | Mar 20, 2024

The territory of the Narmiron elven tribes on the northern coast of Utea.


They have no regular army, everyone serves and protects the Vale. If necessary, they voluntarily go to war if something or someone threatens their borders. At this time, each tribe sends its hunters, overseen by the Shonla, following Narmiraen's instructions.


Members of the ancient elven pantheon are revered in the realm of the northern realm. Its ruler, Narmiraen, is the goddess of nature, and her religion is the state religion of the Narmiron.
Narmiraen's glade-sanctuaries can be found in every corner of the valley, and her priestesses help the communities in every tribe. Their ceremonies are the backbone of the community's cohesion. Different families get together for a major holiday, raising the profile of the event.
The spring equinox is their most important holiday, during which they celebrate the rebirth of nature and the glory of Narmiraen for a week.
Their ceremonies are not luxurious, but rather a restrained, quiet tribute to the heavens. They are based to a large extent on the musical background, on the common prayer, which the participants sing together.



Külföldi Kapcsolatok

They shut themselves off from the outside world, their political connections are poor. Their Mystic relatives are considered misguided, led astray by Human influence. They keep in touch, but their diplomats rarely meet. The ever-loud, perpetually quarrelsome Kingdom of Men is despised. They cannot identify with people's way of life anyway. They have an even worse opinion of Dwarves, they are considered money-hungry and greedy. For them, Dwarves are unfit to live in symbiosis with nature. They hate Beastman and exterminate them with fire and iron. Their best warriors and hunters guard their borders, the forest-walking Shemons. Although they do not maintain active political relations with the other kingdoms, they constantly observe the development of their fate. Shonla's eyes and ears are the secret society of the Scavengers, the Adrelas. They collect the scraps of information and then take any necessary steps based on the decision of the Elders.

Földművelés & Ipar

Serving the family is the primary task for every hunter (adult, experienced person). Adding the best of everyone's skills, they work together for the group's interests. They raise their children together, and the biological parents are not important within the family. They are taught by the older members of the family, each in what they are best at. Their children learn the knowledge of the forest, the tricks of the hunt, Narmiraen's catechism, reading and writing, and other information at an early age. The basis of their society is that since there are fewer of them than the population of the surrounding countries, they must be more talented/educated. Young people entering adulthood are the backbone of the hunters, their task is to provide for the family. They fish, hunt, gather the forest's gifts. Their merchants, craftsmen, priests, etc. come from among the middle-aged. Those who have already gained enough experience and have proven to be talented in something. The task of the elderly is to transfer knowledge to the youngest, thus protecting the acquired experience.
Alapítás Dátuma
21 679‬
Geopolitical, Nomadic tribe
Alternatív Megnevezések
Northern Realm
Kormányzati Rendszer
Hatalmi Struktúra
Autonomous area
Gazdasági Rendszer
Barter system
Special Serdophia wooden coins - found only on the territory of the valley - are used as money. This is what they trade with the select few old friends who can enter the territory of their realm. These traders appreciate their exceptional position, as there is a high demand for Narmiron handicraft products and furs in the neighboring countries. Money is not used within the family, but tribes also give it to each other when needed, if they lack something. They do not accumulate wealth individually, what they have belongs to the family or the tribe.
Bírói Testület
In the territory of the Northern valley, there is no major political opposition, since their upbringing, this is impossible from the start. By raising the youth of the community together, they treat each other as brothers. Anyone who acts against the community will be ostracized/expelled very quickly. In matters of legislation, Shonla has the last word. Local problems are solved by the priestesses of Narmiraen.
Hivatalos Államvallás
Hivatalos Nyelvek
Ellenőrzött Területek
Jelentős Tagok
Kapcsolódó Etnikumok


Articles under Nehalenor's Commune

Adrelas - Scavengers
Military Formation | Apr 7, 2024

The Scavengers are Nehalenor's eyes and ears (and enforcers).

Arcori - Tribe of the Black Bear
Organization | Mar 18, 2024

The Narmiron elven Black Bear tribe lives in the western border region of Nehalenor, in the forests between the lower and upper branches of the Green River.

Aurr - Tribe of the Lynx
Organization | Mar 18, 2024

A Narmiron elven tribe, that lives in the western part of Nehalenor.

Inmar - Tribe of the Raccoon
Organization | Mar 18, 2024

The Narmiron elven Raccoon tribe lives in the southern borderland of Nehalenor, their ancient camp (village) is at the source of the Cascade.

Irlunos - Tribe of the Raven
Organization | Mar 18, 2024

The Narmiron elven Raven tribe live in the Drauz Mountains, and while others mainly hunt and forage, they mine ores from the mountain's hollows.

Lienathar - Tribe of the Badger
Organization | Sep 3, 2023

The Narmiron elven Tribe of the Badger lives in the southern borderland of Nehalenor, around the source of the Swiftwater.

Lowren - Tribe of the Barracuda
Organization | Mar 18, 2024

The Narmiron elven Tribe of the Barracuda is one of the two fishing communities, its members live on the eastern coast of the Blackwater.

Magaron - Tribe of the Griffin
Organization | Mar 18, 2024

The Narmiron elven Tribe of the Griffin live in the Valena Mountains. Hunters have a griffin companion from birth, which hatched when the child born.

Nath - Tribe of the Dolphin
Organization | Mar 18, 2024

A Narmiron elven tribe, that lives on the western coast of Nehalenor.

Samyr - Tribe of the Deer
Organization | Mar 18, 2024

A tribe of Nehalenor that lives in the heart of the Vale in the Deerrest.

Shemons, Border Guard of Nehalenor
Military Formation | Mar 20, 2024

Nehalenor's Border Guard.

Silhen - Tribe of the Brown Bear
Organization | Mar 18, 2024

The Brown Bear tribe lives in the south-eastern borderland of Nehalenor, in the Bearrest.

Thalas- Tribe of the Wolf
Organization | Mar 18, 2024

The Tribe of the Wolf lives on the border of the Golden Glade and the Deerrest, in the eastern part of the Valley.

Walon - Tribe of the Fox
Organization | Mar 18, 2024

The Walon Tribe lives in the south-western part of the Valley, in the Foxwoods.

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