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Segai beastman (se-gai; plural: segaii)

The creatures of the god Vangrakath are large (2.5-3 meters tall) humanoids. Outwardly, they are usually extremely muscular human-like creatures, with different animal features for each tribe, and naturally long, thick manes (but they freely can cut or shave that, regardless their gender). Their two or four canines are long like fangs. In terms of their character, they like fighting, hunting and bloodshed in general, they are just as aggressive with each other as with outsiders. The tribes are led by the strongest man, who has to fight hunters competing for his position almost every day. They live simply, think simply and die simply. 


Általános technológiai szint

Their civilization is little developed, but they know and practice most crafts. It is characteristic of the Segaii that they know more than one craft at some level, the tribe owns the tools and equipment that are in common use.

Általános illemszabályok

In Vangrakath's tribes, the weaker must bow to the stronger.
Women only have a word as long as they can "keep up" with the other hunters. If strangers come to the village, the women retreat to their houses and yurts with their cubs, addressing them face to face means that the person wants to "possess" them from the tribe. However, female hunters who are not considered women can move freely and communicate with anyone whom the chief of the tribe allows the members to talk to.

Általános Öltözködési szokások

Segai beastmans mostly wear leather and fur clothing, when they wear anything larger than a loincloth. If they are in areas inhabited by other nations, they mostly adapt to the dress-code and their bodies are mostly covered by clothes. This is true even if they go into battle or hunting, in which case they wear armor. They know forging, but they prefer armor made up of larger pieces (no chainmail or similar).
Most of the Segaii in their village don't bother to dress up, almost without exception they are bare-chested. The cubs are left completely naked until they reach puberty, unless the weather dictates otherwise.
Beastman love tattoos, jewelry, and body jewelry pierced through the skin. The ear taper is one of the characteristics of shamans, they have been wearing it since they were apprentices. (Shamans who were "discarded" by the head of the tribe and chased away had their ears cut off.) Their jewelry is made of leather, bone, wood, and metal. No gemstones are used, only pearls and shells. They are aware that other peoples value colored pebbles - the Beast language has no words for them - but they have no value for them.

Művészet és Építészet

The Segaii are not the most sophisticated architects in the world, but they can make what they need. Their houses are built of adobe or, if there is enough material, stone or wood. Desert tribes use yurts made of wood, bone and leather to move around their tribe's territory. The capital, Vrikdarok, was built mainly of stone and wood. It is surrounded by high walls and watchtowers tapering upwards.
The Segaii are quite good shipwright and master craftsmen. Although a Dwarf would never admit what a Segai does, it's done and timeless.
Their art is consists of only the decoration of their clothing, tools and weapons. In addition, they really like music - and dancing and singing, but a non-beastman cannot necessarily appreciate this.

Születési és keresztelő rítusok

A Beastman woman can give birth to up to twenty cubs during her lifetime. Since the mortality rate is high and there are many risks during pregnancy, the number of cubs conceived is even more than that. According to the Beastman, a healthy woman is a pregnant woman.
The cubs get a name when they are two or three years old, the tribe calls them by that, and they usually use this name when they grow up, even if they are far from home - either by themselves or because they have been chased away.

Felnőtté válási rítusok

Segai cubs are treated as adults at the age of 12-15, but in reality they are still a long way from becoming full-fledged adults. From then on, their mother no longer takes care of them, but they are only considered adults when the tribe's chief calls them adults during the annual ritual. At that time, they had already participated in several successful hunts and proved that they were suitable for an independent life.
Sometimes, for some reason, a Segai is never called an adult. He may have a birth defect that prevents him from being a full member of the tribe, or he may just be the brother of the chief, who is trying to keep his future rival away from him. Most Segaii believe in the will of their god, so they keep the disabled cub, until it's becomes a burden to his mother. And if it's just jealousy, if the young Beatman doesn't go away in shame - which often happens - he can still challenge the chieftain for the title in time, and his victory is also his coming of age celebration. The Segai who does not become an adult, but stays with the tribe, ends up at the bottom of the ranking. He must serve even the women. It should also be noted that girls almost never met this fate.

Temetési és megemlékezési rítusok

The Segaii only glorify those who died in battle. Those who are taken away by old age, the shaman sends them on their last journey in silence. The dead are burned on a pyre, if this is not possible due to lack of raw materials, the shamans can summon fire to solve the cremation. They have no cemeteries, the dead are given to the nature.

Általános tabuk

Most Segaii abhor (but mostly fear) magic and even shamans to are not welcome to see/let them do their magic.



"Bigger it's better".
If the Dwarven girls didn't suit him, the brave adventurer won't be into Beastman women either. A tall, broad-shouldered, strong look is ideal for both sexes. They can cut or grow their mane to their liking, and only men can have facial hair, but they also cut it so they don't look like a "a Dwarf hiding in a hollow".

Nemi ideák

The cubs are raised by the tribe, regardless of gender, they learn to hunt and provide for themselves, to make basic household items, to cook and forge. Young women remain "independent" and continue hunting/crafting with men until their first cub is born. From then on, their only task is to take care of as many offspring as possible. Those who, for some reason, are "not capable" of motherhood, work for their tribe as "boys" for the rest of their lives.

Udvarlási szokások

The first man in the tribe is the chief, and his (first) wife is the first woman. The two of them control everyday life. The shaman plays a prominent role, he is the priest of Vangrakath, and less often his priestess. The word of the shaman is usually listened to with more or less enthusiasm in the tribe. The head of the tribe has everything he demands from the tribe, contradicting him is equivalent to a death sentence. The current chief can be challenged to a life-or-death duel for the position at any time.

Kapcsolati szokások

The family concept of the Segaii is somewhat loose, covering the entire tribe. The same is true for "relationships". Only the chief's (first) wife is untouchable for the members of the tribe, but from here it can be seen that the chief ultimately gets as many wives as he wants, and he decides who is his "favorite". Regardless, there are pairings in the traditional sense, when two Beastman stick together for longer or shorter periods of time, even until one of them dies.
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Segaii names usually refer to some attribution, sometimes an animal or a geographical feature. Names longer than one syllable (one word in Beast language) sometimes mean a whole sentence. It is not uncommon for a girl to be called by the same name as a boy in another tribe (or in the same one). The cub (child) usually only gets a name around the age of three, when it is likely that he will survive. The name is usually given by the father, but if you are not sure who the father is, the mother or the head of the tribe can also do it.
They do not have a family name - if necessary, their parents are named, the name of the tribe is the name of the totem animal. They don't over-complicate it.


Beasts speak Beast language. Although the more intelligent Segaii are able to learn e.g. the surta elf language, they have to seriously struggle to learn Sheyarin Language and Evera has yet to see a Segai who speaks it perfectly.

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