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Narmiron elves

Narmiron = People of Narmiraen

The description of the narmiron elves and Nehalenor was partially created by Dani for his character Saleiar Thalas.
The northern Elves live in the forests of the Valley of Nehalenor. The closed country surrounded by mountains is organized according to strict rules, in a matriarchal order. The twelve tribes living here spend their daily lives in a more or less nomadic way, mixing with each other. In all their decisions, they strive for perfect harmony with nature. They follow a single goddess, their creator, Narmiraen . Their language is the Narmiron dialect, which is a second-generation version of the elven.
Names usually consist of an elven first name and their tribal name. First names are simple, often of natural origin.
Women are in a decision-making position, they - especially priestesses - have to manage the lives of families and tribes. Men's primary task is to provide the necessary resources and security. Men respect women and bend to their word.
A smart and decisive woman with a strong and loyal man - this is roughly how the ideal relationship and marriage can be described.
Most Narmiron never see anything other than northern Elves: fair-haired and light-eyed, pale-skinned, frail-built folk. (There are exceptions, for example, black hair is common in the Lowren and Arcori tribes.)


Közös szokások és értékek

The Narmirons follow the faith of Narmiraen, honoring nature and chasing evil that is unnatural to them. They are suspicious of strangers and despise all other races, including Mystical elves. However, it is not impossible to change this belief, with persistent work and noble deeds you can win the friendship and trust of a Narmiron. And anyone who has the opportunity to make such a friend will do very well: Narmiron elves are just as loyal and trustworthy to their friends as they are to their relationships.

Általános technológiai szint

The Narmiron elves live a simpler life than the other peoples of Utea. They mostly process raw materials of plant and animal origin, they do not cultivate land and do not keep farm animals. They have a few ore mines in the southern mountains, but these are no match in technology to the vast mines in which the dwarves work, rather they're just natural caves that have been found to have metal-lodes on their walls. Most of the metals used are received at their borders, from trusted traders; they are used to make tools and weapons.

Általános Öltözködési szokások

They prefer simple, mainly leather and fur clothing, which they like to decorate with painting and embroidery, leather decoration techniques. They know wool and linen, the latter being obtained mainly through barter in the border regions. They like to wear the hideous colors when hunting, and the bright colors on the occasion of holidays. Their bodies are covered with many tattoos, the first tattoo they get at the initiation ceremony as a sign of coming of age, is the image of the tribal totem animal. In addition, they have more and more designs made for every important event in their lives. Even a boring, average-living Narmiron has five or six large tattoos, and he tends to get involved in hair-raising adventures, and after a while the designs can hardly not be seen. Some tattoos - such as tribal ones - have a specific pattern, others are designed by the wearer. At the same time, it is important to note that their faces are not tattooed - on the contrary, they are very happy to paint them during holidays or during battles. They wear jewelry, but piercing very rarely. Metal, gemstone, wood, bone and feather ornaments can also be seen, and on the occasion of religious and tribal holidays, the desire for decoration reaches an extreme level.

Művészet és Építészet

Most of the Narmirons do not live in a permanent settlement, so they do not build houses. They shelter from the adverse weather under of the foliage, or in tents made of leather and wood. The tribes living in the mountains tend to hide in natural caves from the blizzards, but only in the border region do they have permanent guard posts, and in the capital there are buildings that have stood since ancient times. In some places rich in raw materials, temporary settlements are formed, where the families working there also build workshops and warehouses.

Általános szokások, hagyományok, rituálék

They usually choose a partner from another tribe, less often from the same tribe. The man moves in with the woman's family, their children bear the mother's tribal name. Getting married is a private matter for the two Elves, but the man introduces himself to the woman's family at the very beginning of the courtship. If they accept it, it will not be a problem to be admitted later. The association is usually indicated to members of the community with matching jewelry, most often with bracelets and necklaces (in addition to the matching tattoo that will be completed later). This is usually made by the man during his hunts, the unicorn mane is rare and popular, but it may happen that the totem animal's claw, tusks, or other memorable decoration for the couple is placed on it.
The dead are returned to nature.

Születési és keresztelő rítusok

For the Elves, the blessing of children is a joyous celebration, and compared to other races, it rarely happens, so it is an important event for the whole community. The priestesses take special care of the pregnant women, and female members of the community help the mother during the long pregnancy (one and a half to two years) and during the period of childbirth. For children, the mother usually makes decisions, but this does not mean that she does not involve her partner in them. Fathers are also respected among other men, as not all couples have children. They are automatically seen as more capable and outstanding by their tribe.

Felnőtté válási rítusok

After their first successful independent hunt, young people usually become full members of the tribe in a huge ceremony. Initiation Day is the first day of summer when all the tribes gather and on the Narmiraen festival the priestesses name the new hunters of the tribes. This is the best opportunity for young people to find a partner. The holiday lasts for two full weeks.
First Hunt
Tradition / Ritual | Apr 14, 2024

An initiation ceremony into adulthood, which can be observed mainly among Elves.

Általános tabuk

They really dislike profane magic, and all forms of necromancy are especially forbidden. Senseless killing, murder, and violence have no place in the lives of the Narmirons. They also despise the accumulation of wealth.

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