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Kingdom of Vasanna

The kingdom of Humans was established in the land of Utea at the end of the Third Era, with the consent of the Mystic elves, to whom the area designated as the capital belonged. There are internal conflicts in the empire, but the harmony with the surrounding states is almost perfect.


Kingdom, under the King there are three levels of nobility: 
Dukes and Counts, then the mostly landless nobles. Knights, both nobles and ecclesiastics, are minor nobles.
The churches are relatively independent and have their own internal hierarchy.

Nyilvános Hozzáállás

Stable, balanced domestic and foreign policy, good diplomatic relations, prepared army, developing industry and active trade.


Silver and gold as currency, as well as gemstones.
Its regular army consists of four divisions.


It was founded in the Third Era of Utea, when Humans began to organize themselves into settlements in the once Mystic elven and Dwarven lands liberated from the Segai invaders.

Néprajz és Népesség

Primarily the kingdom of Humans, but all Elves and Dwarves, and other races (mostly) are welcome.


Royal secret service, spy group and of course the military.
City guards are based in the county centers, but they supervise the county. If they can't take it, the army comes too, but the king has to be paid... So they rarely call.

Technológiai Szint

Early Middle Ages with minor modern influences. Magic is not unusual, but not everyone practices it either. The official Guild of Wizards was disbanded 15 years ago, and quite a few masters went to prison or lost their heads.





There is no official elementary school, but the churches teach basic reading, writing and arithmetic to anyone who comes to learn, whether a child or an adult. They are teachers at rich houses, usually priests, knights or wealthy mages who have made a name for themselves, who are also confidential. In general, at a basic level, everyone can read and write a little, better or worse. What he needs for everyday life, better not. Libraries in abbeys and castles.
Az emberi királyság.
Alapítás Dátuma
22 574‬
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternatív Megnevezések
Southern Kingdom, Realm of Men
Kormányzati Rendszer
Monarchy, Absolute
Hatalmi Struktúra
Feudal state
Gazdasági Rendszer
Silver (ez) and gold (ap) coins. Vasanna's money is worth so little to the surrounding countries that it is not worth minting copper coins. Larger amounts can also be guaranteed in gemstones, but a written statement of their value must be provided.
Törvényhozó Testület
In the King's court, industrious officials carry out most of the legislation. If necessary, the King makes decisions in one person. The Council of Earls discusses proposals and submits them to the King. A council meeting is held twice a year among the nobles (with the influence of rich people). Of these, the autumn one is the most important and solemn, where the next year's taxes are decided.
If for some reason the King is unable to fulfill his duties, the Regency Council of the Kingdom of Vasanna replaces him as a body.
Bírói Testület
In minor disputes, a judge who cooperates with the city guard and the Count decides. The judge is responsible to the First Judge. Judges are usually chosen by the local nobility, but sometimes the citizens or guilds recommend a suitable person to the local leadership. Being a judge is a great honor, and a county can have several active judges.
Hivatalos Államvallás
Hivatalos Nyelvek
Ellenőrzött Területek
Kapcsolódó Etnikumok

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