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Mighty Kingdom, Mogeth

The ancient Dwarven kingdom deep in the mountains.


Mogeth's western border once stretched to the Snippy Mountain - Watchheap line in today's Vasanna.


A mountain kingdom with underground cities, but the surface areas are also counted here, where the descendants of exiled Narmiron elves live.
Land of Mogeth
Geographic Location | Jul 29, 2023

A huge plateau in the central-eastern part of Utea.

Alapítás Dátuma
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternatív Megnevezések
Eastern Kingdom
Kormányzati Rendszer
Monarchy, Constitutional
Hatalmi Struktúra
Autonomous area
Gazdasági Rendszer
Market economy
Mogeth has hexagonal copper (Mr), silver (Mez) and gold (Map) coins, but they also use pure ore blocks and gems. (The market value of Dwarven coins is twice than the vassananian coins.)
Törvényhozó Testület
The King decides on foreign and national affairs, local and community affairs are managed by the clans.
Bírói Testület
The clan rules over the individual.
Hivatalos Államvallás
Hivatalos Nyelvek
Ellenőrzött Területek

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