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Empire of Zililon

A kingdom of the Mystic elves on the west coast of Utea. The territory of the country is divided into cities controlled by Royal Governors and traditional tribal hunting grounds.
The Governors are chosen by the King, usually from the richest and most influential noble families of the given city. For this reason, corruption and power struggles are an integral part of everyday life in Zililon.


King; Royal Governors, Nobles, Mages and Masters; after them the others.


There are military camps all over the country. Standing and Regular Army; complete with battalions of wizards.

Technológiai Szint

High level magic and art.



Alapítás Dátuma
22 374‬
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternatív Megnevezések
Western Kingdom
Kormányzati Rendszer
Monarchy, Absolute
Hatalmi Struktúra
Autonomous area
Gazdasági Rendszer
Silver (Zep) and gold (Zap) coins (one and a half times the value of Vasanna coins) and precious stones.
Hivatalos Államvallás
Hivatalos Nyelvek
Ellenőrzött Területek
Kapcsolódó Etnikumok

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