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The ocean surrounding the continents of Evera. It got its name from the fact that it is quite dangerous to sail among its capricious waves. Most ships do not venture more than half a day's distance from the coast.

Localized Phenomena

In the Second Age, the Narmiron fleet used these currents to defeat the ships of the Beastman invasion forces.
To the north of Utea, on the Blackwater, three currents have dominated the ocean since the beginning of time: the Adanaril (ah-da-na-ril), in a row from the shores, flows widely and calmly from west to east and is accompanied by a lot of precipitation; the Kaalian (kál-ian) flows from east to west and brings warm winds; and finally, the Gitinan (gith-i-nan), which rises it surfaces to sink into the darkest depths, circling the entire continent again and again, and at high tide it poses a serious threat to ships if they stray too far from land.
In the First Age, the Narmiron elves recognized these currents and took advantage of them to have an easy way across the water when their tribes traded each other.
However, at the beginning of the Second Era, travel on the water became dangerous. Seemingly stray, sudden and fast currents disturbed the usual order. Currents coming from the north were accompanied by cutting, strong gusts of wind. Many ships have been lost forever. These currents and winds usually brought icy cold, changing the weather on the northern coast. Winters have become longer and colder in the area from one year to the next.
The ice made fishing difficult for the coastal tribes. The underwater ecosystem was overturned and creatures and predatory fish that were not seen before or only rarely appeared in the shallower waters of the coast or swarm up the rivers in search of prey.
Under the guidance of the priestess Naetneth Lowren (nat-net low-ren), her coastal tribe learned to survive the new, unusual circumstances. They built themselves a more massive accommodation for the winter, and developed new methods for storing food supplies. The first few decades took a heavy toll on the people, but over time they learned to recognize the signs of the arrival of currents and use them to their advantage.
Alternatív Név(nevek)
Krohint-Eyrt (kro-int-ejt - elven), Torewaelin (tor-wa-lin - dwarven), Krugorim (kru-go-rim - beastman)
Birtokos/ Uralkodó
Additional Rulers/Owners
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