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Wyrmera, the ocean liner galleon

The Wyrmera is one of the first locations in the adventure, when it sinks, the characters washed up the shores of Damus, where the adventure takes place.
Humans once came to the land of Utea in huge ships, but all the traces of those vehicles and the knowledge of their construction were lost during the long years of war. In the Fourth Era, when the Champions of Solioran sent word to Vasanna, that they had found the continent of Lifeon, the nations of Utea banded together, to build a larger ship, that ever before, carrying an army and supplies to liberate the oppressed lands.
The ship was built near the port of Kele Serin in Zililon, and sailed from here. She stops at the ports of Highgarden (Vasanna) and Dalbahr (Mogeth ), before embarking her fateful journey. These ports belong to the Army of the United Nations, and at each stops equipment, supplies and forces join the voyage, with them merchants, adventurers, treasure hunters and stowaways set off into the unknown.

Structural design of the Wyrmera:

The Wyrmera is a three-masted galleon. She has five levels below the deck, and her superstructure is also two levels, housing the guards and the officers' quarters and they service rooms.
On the uppermost  under-deck level are cabins for the passengers. Below the sailors and the soldiers quarters and the armory. The three lowest leves are for the cargo and food.
There are thirty ballistae on the sides of the deck, two more on each side of the bowsail and four on the stern. It was equipped total of four anchors, to hold the huge hull.

Passengers and Crew of the Wyrmera:

  • 150 passengers
  • 120 sailors (handling the sails, maintaining and cleaning the ship and kitchen service)
  • 200 guards (for protecting the ship and handling ballistics)
  • 5000 soldiers (with they own officers)
The Wyrmera
Current location
100 m (328ft)
Tallest mast, 80 m (262ft)

The Officers of the Wyrmera:

Captain: Roheisia Duskbrew. She is a Human woman in her mid thirties, but a little bit burnt out. She is tall, and loves jokes (she expects that everyone will laugh at her jokes), and loves gambling way too much. She grow up in a ship and considered as a veteran.
First mate: Matty Thekyla. She is a half-Dragon half-Human woman, veteran, but she is afraid of storms.
Bosun: Grukk. He is an older elephant-segai, and if he speaks, he shouts.
Navigator: Terry Windrider. An elderly Human man, who often prays loudly to the Goddess Taana.
Chief Cook: Heg Banrik. He is a Dwarf man, he is secretly in love with the healer-priestess on board.
Healer/Priestess: Elanoa Magaron. Narmiron elf woman, she has two secrets: She is secretly in love with the Chief Cook, and she is a member of the Scavengers, the spies of Nehalenor.
Wizard on board: Ryael Niiruil. He is a young half-Dragon half-Mystic elf man, recruit.

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