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The land of Evera and its seven outer, elemental planes (from which the Core was formed) are inhabited by various dragons. With this short summary, we introduce these special, ancient creatures.
Dragons are extraordinary creatures with many unique characteristics, but there are some similarities between them. In general, they have 2-4 legs, 1-3 heads, a long tail and some horns. They have a pair of thick wings on their back, with which they can fly extremely skillfully. Although their original body size is very large, they can assume the form of any species they know, be it a humanoid or a less intelligent being. They can live up to seven thousand years, during which time they can accumulate great knowledge and wealth. It is only their personal preferences that determine what they do with their available time and possessions. Due to their great strength and special abilities, they rarely face real danger, which is mainly caused by overpowering or the presence of another dragon.
Fire-dragons live on the Elemental plane of Fire. Their scales are red. Not all Fire-dragons are evil, but they are driven by an insatiable lust for power. They amass empires, armies and slave armies, sky-high piles of treasure during their long lives. They are immune to fire and most poisons. They can use Power magic and fire-type Elemental magic, and they can also spit all-consuming fire.
Ice-dragons are from the Elemental plane of Water. Even after their death, their blue scales can give off a murderous chill. Taana, the goddess ruling the elemental plane of Water, dislikes them, but tolerates them. The Ice-dragons gather in a single powerful empire on the outer plane, like other intelligent species they live in cities and their advanced society has served as a good example for the Undines since the beginning. They are rule-followers and traditionalists, so many of them sacrifice their lives to protect Evera's land. They can use Natural magic and water-type Elemental magic, and can also spit dangerous avalanches of slush or blade-sharp ice shards. They are immune to cold and water-based effects.
Wind-dragons (or Storm-dragons) come from the Elemental plane of Air and are extremely powerful. Their largest community lives on the Pedite continent in the central plane, and they don't like to see ordinary mortals around their territory. When the ocean washes their yellow scales to foreign shores, the common people tend to think they are pure gold. They can use Nature magic, Power magic, air and electricity type Elemental magic, and they can also spit lightning. They are immune to electricity and fly and move twice as fast as other dragons.
Green-dragons come from the Elemental plane of Earth and Nature and are extremely peaceful creatures. According to tradition, the ancient Dragon God whose final resting place is Evera was a Green-dragon. They are not named after their green scales. Among the Dragons, they are the only ones capable of using Fairy magic, and they can also use Nature magic and earth-type Elemental magic. Although Green-dragons do not spit fire, they are capable of causing an earthquake in a large area with a few kicks, or turning the countryside into a swamp with a thought - just like a desert into a blooming meadow - so they are not to be underestimated if someone decides to fight such a creature. They are immune to Fairy magic, as well as electricity and water-type Elemental magic.
Magic-dragons are Evera's most unique creatures. They leave their own plane less often than any other dragon, as they wither away without magical energies. Their purple scales radiate a very strong magic power, from which mortal magic users are able to recharge their own magic power. The most powerful relics and magic items known were at least partly made of purple dragon scale in the land of Evera. According to tradition, they protect the Dragon Goddess herself. They can use almost any magic (only pure Fairy magic is a mystery to them) and can spit raw magical energy beams or orbs when the situation calls for it. Spells do not affect them, and they can also absorb the magic power used against them and use it to heal any injuries they may have.
The sight of a Darkness-dragon fills all mortals with terror. This arose mainly from the belief that Darkness-dragons were identified with the arrival of Death. It is true that the Dragon Goddess set the task of these black-scaled creatures to transfer the souls of the deceased to some outer plane based on their lives. Although they are not evil creatures, over the millennia they have become accustomed to the fact that encounters usually end in a fight, so they try to scare away those who approach them while doing their work with aggressive behavior. Darkness-dragons come from the Elemental plane of Darkness, and that's where they feel most at home. They can use Power magic, fire and electricity type Elemental magic, and can spit lightning or fire beams. Darkness-dragons trust only their own kind and are able to summon opaque darkness around them. They are sensitive to light-type spells (it blinds them completely), but are also immune to Power magic, electricity, and fire.
Light-dragons come from the Elemental plane of Light. Their main task is to maintain the balance of all outer planes and the Core, to search for and eliminate the dangers lurking in the world. Light-dragons have white scales, but prefer to move invisible outside of their own plane. They use Power magic, fire and water type Elemental magic, and can spit fireballs or jets of hot steam. They are immune to all Elemental and Power magic.

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