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GHG Session 69: A Nice Way to End Things

General Summary

Month 8, Week 4, Year 921
  The fight against Gray Hat's raged on for several more rounds, the FF brute forcing their way down hallways towards the machine summoning the archdemon to Ekal. There were some close calls with Benedicte Gruyere and his insurmountable load of paperwork, but the battle soon shifted in the party's favor once Xa'kara pinned down Argus' demonic form with Nineveh's spear and freed their old bugbear ally from Gray Hat's influence.   With one less piece on the board, Gray Hat had few minions to protect his precious computer from the FF's firepower. They quickly overwhelmed the circuitry with an onslaught of magical destruction, Zan'kiri delivering the killing blow to completely disconnect Gray Hat from the rest of Ekal. As the chateau's east wing started to collapse the party raced outside away from the disintegrating portal, taking a moment to catch their breath while Gray Hat's influence slowly receded from Chateau Gruyere. Servants and partygoers started to shamble into the courtyard while dawn rose on the mansion for the first time in months, putting an end to a decade-long era of corruption instigated by Gray Hat's forces.   Basking in the glory of Gray Hat's defeat, the FF noticed another strange phenomena happening in the sky: staying true to her word, the Ageless One opened a rift in the Veil to formally banish the archdemon while at the same time offering hundreds of thousands of gith an opportunity to escape Ekal for the first time in thousands of years. Watching his fellow githzerai and githyanki free themselves from the control of even the strongest Horn of Valhalla, Zan'kiri decided it was time to free himself from one last shackle: his own mortality. With the help of the entire party, he performed the ritual learned from the Deck of Many Things in Naum Kulikov's lair and fully embraced lichdom.   Zan'kiri vanished in an explosion of arcane energy, the rest of the party uncertain as to the ritual's effectiveness. As the FF slowly marched away from the chateau to collect their reward money from Luciana Chabert, Windred managed to make contact with Zan'kiri for the first time days on the road to Anthep. Despite vanishing after the consumption of Gray Hat's demonic computer and his subsequent transformation, in the vision he appeared content and at ease in his lich form. Tens of thousands of gith had escaped past Ekal's Veil after the Ageless One created a brief opening to banish Gray Hat, but remarkly Zan'kiri chose to stay behind on the planet he'd once loathed with a violent passion.   With their greatest foe defeated and wealthier than they ever could have imagined from Luciana's reward money, the FF eventually parted ways to pursue personal projects in the subsequent years. Perhaps they'll reunite once more if another Gray Hat-level threat emerges, but in the meantime Reetma will be getting drinks with Windred at the Ruby Eye tavern under Xue's supervision.  

Rewards Granted

  • The party reached lvl 11
  • Each party member received 50,000GP from Luciana Chabert for ridding Chateau Gruyere of the Gray Hat's influence

Character(s) interacted with

  • Argus - Free for the first time in years
  • Gray Hat - Sealed away from Ekal for the first time in years

Report Date
27 Sep 2022
Primary Location
Featured Players


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