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Bound Series
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Luna Flowers

Luna flowers are a magickal plant that only grows in the the luna groves located near a werewolf pack. They are a family of species characterized by their similarities to certain kinds of cacti and vines, but are also very different. These plants can activate a magickal barrier around the luna grove to keep any threats from reaching the Luna or Lunar if they take refuge there, and they can also detect if a Luna or Lunar is a dangerous threat to the pack. Overall, these flowers are an important asset to every wolf pack located around the world.  
Glowing under the light of the full moon was a meadow of luna flowers, their iridescent white color creating enough light for one to walk without a lantern or sun crystal. Each petal looked as delicate as powdered snow. For the first time since arriving at the Winter Moon Pack, he was in awe at the beauty surrounding him. He wished he could stay there forever and forget all about the stress of being mated to an Alpha Heir wolf.
— Future Chapter in Soul Bound, Book 2 of Bound Series

Basic Information

video by: pAnty mYthon

The luna grove is designed to contain luna flowers, a white flower that only blooms at night—save for the rare occurrence that the Luna or Lunar is running from danger during the day and enters the luna grove. Regardless of the moon, luna flowers have different hues depending on their biomes, and they are frequently fragrant.
Under the light of the moon, the luna flowers looked like beautiful butterflies with silky soft petals for wings. It appeared to be a type of cactus that happened to grow in cold climates. Kěith knew that flowers grew in the Blue Desert Region, so it wasn't surprising to see such beauty before him. The flowers were low to the ground, creeping his ankles with black spines along the greenish stems.
— Future Chapter in Soul Bound, Book 2 of Bound Series
  Most of the flowers open quickly after nightfall, closing back up during the day time hours (unless a luna or lunar is in danger) when touched by morning dew. Flowers in the same geographical area tend to bloom on the same night. On overcast days, the blossoms may remain open for longer. The flowers also tend to remain open longer during cool temperatures - which may also cause the segments to snag or tear as they open. While the luna flowers are known to bloom all year around as to help keep the barrier up for the lunas and lunars, there are also three separate times of the year when the flowers drop their seeds and a new plant starts to grow over the next couple of months. Over the course of the next month, the flower bulb will start to form and finally result in the newly grown patches of the luna flowers blooming.   The plants that bear such flowers can be tall, columnar, and sometimes extremely large and tree-like, but more frequently are thin-stemmed climbers. In truth, most lunar flowers can be found in a variety of climates, even those with temperatures reaching as low as -112ºF (-80ºC). The plant can reach up to five to thirty feet in height with twining stems, but can also spread out to fifteen feet. The leaves are entire or three-lobed, 5–15 cm long, with a 5–20 cm long stem. The flowers are fragrant and are large, 8–14 cm in diameter. The plant has a rather untidy jumble of limbs and requires manicuring to keep it in habit. The seed resembles a small, brownish nut, and should be nicked with a file and then soaked overnight before planting.  
Biomes Luna Flower Color
Ice Sheet / Polar Desert
Alpine Tundra
Temperate Broadleaf Forest
Temperate Steppe
Subtropical Rainforest
Mediterranean Vegetation
Monsoon Forest
Subtropical / Tropical Dry Forest
Tropical Rainforest
Montane Forests
Arid Desert
Xeric Shrubland
Dry Steppe
Semiarid Desert
Grass Savanna
Tree Savanna
  Each color represents a different set of biomes and the glow they produce when the moon is shining upon helps to illuminate the phosphorescence within the petals. The petal colors are white, arctic blue, lime green, spring green, and seafoam green.  
Genetics & Reproduction
The plant is usually born through pollination so that the seeds can be formed in the pouches along the vines and be dropped down into the soil for growth.

Table of Contents

by Ed! (Wikimedia)
Princess of Night / Queen of the Night
Conservation Status
Quick Facts
Scientific Name:
Ipomoea Alba
Name Meaning:
Luna flower derives from their blooming in the evevning and their being round in shape like a full moon.
2 years
Geographic Distribution:
Blue Desert Pack
Claw Pack
Dark Forest Pack
Horn Pack
Jasmine Heart Pack
Scarwood Pack
Shadow Lake Pack
Silver Forest Pack
Storm Pack
TBN Pack on Shálmâne
Vain Pack
White Mountain Pack
Winter Moon Pack

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Growth Rate & Stages
by Roger Culos (Wikimedia)
Luna flower seeds that fall from the existing vine, which they sink about a quarter inch deep into the soil. With the sunlight and regular watering, until the seedlings appear. Once temperatures are reliably warm, the plant can begin acclimating the seedlings to direct sunlight for longer stretches each day. It takes about two months for the plants to grow and then they form the beautiful flowers that can protect the grove.  
Ecology & Habitats
While the flowers are located near each of the wolf packs, they are mainly found in luna groves, which are specifically designed to only allow Lunas, Lunars, and Alphas into the groves as long as the Luna or Lunar is safe.   If a luna flower is ever picked, the magickal aura dispersed around the grove will activate a threat level to a nuclear bomb attack and it will forcefully remove whoever picked the flower, forbidding them to ever return to the grove. Once picked, the flower will wilt and turn to ash in the person's hands before the vines move and snatch hold of the one who picked the flower, lifting them into the air and throwing them as hard as it can across the grove. If the person dies while being forcefully removed, then everything is okay in the eyes of the grove. Once the threat is gone, the luna grove returns to its normal state and the air is peaceful and calm once more.  
1d4 Damage
1 You take damage equal to that of a quarter of your max hit points.
2 You take damage equal to that of half your max hit points.
3 You die upon being thrown.
4 You take damage equal to that of three-quarters of your max hit points.
Dietary Needs & Habits
Luna flowers feed on lunar radiation and water, and possibly the energy of the Alpha and his mate basking in the light of the full moon while in the luna grove, which happens more than three times a month.  

Additional Information

Uses, Products, & Exploitation
The main uses of the plant is to protect the Luna or Lunar from any dangers. The magickal aura the flowers put out works like a force field around the luna grove that keeps out dangers, including alphas that may harm their Luna or Lunars. Sometimes, the magickal aura will keep out a Luna and Lunar if they have any intentions to become a threat to the pack or their Alpha. This is while some Alphas will test their Luna or Lunar to see if they are able to enter the luna grove.   If consumed by an animal or humanoid being, the plant is considered toxic and in order to treat it, one must report to a pack doctor for medical treatment. However, in all cases, the one who has ingested any part of the flower will die from the poison flooding their system. There is no known cure for this. The only person exempt from this toxin is the Luna or Lunar. The only explanation any pack doctor can figure out is that the Luna or Lunar is always considered blessed by the Moon Goddess and therefore, "protected" by the luna flowers.   While the plant is imbued with moon magick, it is not done by ritual or any casting of a spell. Throughout history, the most famous story told about the luna flowers come from the very first seed. It is said that the Moon Goddess blessed this seed and planted it in a grove near one of the first wolf packs, and when it sprouted its first flowers, a group of lunas needed protection and found themselves surrounded by the luna flowers, which were protecting them via the magickal aura they gave off. It is unknown if this is a true story or not.  
Geographical Origin & Distribution
There are known to be at least one luna grove near each pack, which grows luna flowers. It is assumed that luna flowers only grow in the luna groves. If they grow anywhere else, it is currently unknown.  
Average Intelligence
The luna flowers have a special hidden talent where they can mentally connect with a Luna or Lunar that is blessed by the Fates. This usually happens when a prophecy has been proclaimed and the Luna or Lunar has met their mate.  
Syus leaned over the massive book of plants located in the Winter Moon Pack. He skimmed through each of the pages, his eyes scanning for one simple ounce of proof that would explain while former Luna Ember was unble to enter the luna grove. When his eyes came across a passage halfway down the page, his eyes widened.  
According to research, the luna grove will protect a Luna from any form of danger that presents itself, whether that be in the form of a rogue or a pack member. Lunas that are threatened also contain a unique ability with the luna grove that is left unknown to those who spend their lives trying to understand the groves. Though, this may be due to the Lunas trying to protect themselves from the dangers that stalk them everyday.
  Leaning back in his chair, Syus stared at the passage. He finally understood it - the very reason Kěith was safe from former Luna Ember. She was out to hurt Kěith as he was vampire - the former crown prince of the empire - and the mate of Alpha Heir Jack McClain. It made so much sense now.
— Syus reading a historical book in the Winter Moon Pack
by Benjamin Graves (Wikimedia)
The packs worship the plant as a protective species that keeps their Luna or Lunar safe during attacks, especially those from within the pack. The plant is seen as a divine creation by the Bavara, the Moon that was sent to help the Alphas with ruling their packs and making sure their bloodline isn't distorted by any form of threat to the Lunas or Lunars.   The Alpha of the pack will work tirelessly to make sure no threats are present within the pack and in order to do so, the Alpha will head to the luna grove and ask for a cluster of seeds. If the seeds are present on an open luna flower the next night, the Alpha may take the seeds and plant them around his home. Due to the magick of these flowers, their growth will increase and within a week, the Alpha cabin will be covered in luna flowers to help protect the Luna or Lunar. This is usually done during times the Luna or Lunar is carrying a litter of pups. The flowers will remain in bloom until the threat has passed for the Luna or Lunar.   While the flowers are covering the Alpha cabin, no threat can enter, just like the luna grove. This can also help the Alpha determine who is a threat to his pack, to his unborn pups, and to his Luna or Lunar. Other pack members are to keep an eye out for anyone unable to enter the cabin, and if they spot one, they are to report it to the Beta or Alpha (whoever is closer) immediately.

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)

Luna Flowers CR: 1/4 (50 XP)

Tiny plant, any neutral
Armor Class: 13 (natural armor)
Hit Points: 13 3d6+3
Speed: 30 ft


7 -2


14 +2


13 +1


6 -2


11 +0


7 -2

Skills: Perception +2, Stealth +4
Damage Resistances: lightning, piercing
Senses: darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 13
Challenge Rating: 1/4 (50 XP)
by Benjamin Graves (Wikimedia)

Plant Camoulfage. The luna flowers have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks it makes in any terrain with ample obscuring vegetation.   Regeneration. The luna flowers regain 3 hit points at the start of its turn. If it takes cold, fire, or necrotic damage, this trait doesn't function at the start of the luna flowers' next turn. The luna flowers die only if it starts its turn with 0 hit points and doesn't regenerate.


Claw. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 5 1d6+2 slashing damage.   Vine Slash. Ranged Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, range 30/120 ft., one target. Hit: 4 1d4+2 bludgeoning damage. The target must make a 18 Dexterity Saving Throw to avoid capture. If failed, they must roll on the Vine Throw table below to see what sort of extra damage they take.  

Vine Throw
1d4 Damage
1 You take damage equal to that of a quarter of your max hit points.
2 You take damage equal to that of half your max hit points.
3 You die upon being thrown.
4 You take damage equal to that of three-quarters of your max hit points.


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This is an interesting plant and a nice article! I like your focus on the cultural and societal impact of your plant and its association with the werewolves.   Some comments I had while reading:   I think you could add a sentence in your introduction to say that the Luna flowers are a family of species characterised by this type of flowers, but that they are all very different with some being cacti and some vines (if I understood correctly?), since this had me a bit confused in the article.   I'm wondering about the distinction between Luna/Lunar. You could maybe add a tooltip to clarify the meaning of those terms in your world. Also, there is a time or two when the words are not capitalised, you should correct that to stay consistent. Same with Luna flower. Sometimes you have it capitalised and sometimes not. Or do the capitalisation means something different? In that case you should explain it. (Note: after finishing reading the article I now understand that Luna/Lunar is the consort of the Alpha, I think you can add a tooltip explaining that).   I'm wondering how are the flowers imbued with magic for their protection ("To keep them safe, the flowers are imbued with moon magick" in the sidebar). Do the wolves do some kind of ritual on it to keep them safe or do you mean that it's a natural protection mechanism?   In your anatomy section, you explain when the flowers bloom and then in the second paragraph you say "Also, for healthy plants, there can sometimes be as many as three separate blooming events spread out over the warmest months. However, the luna flowers bloom all year around as to help keep the barrier up for the lunas and lunars." So I'm a bit confused. Is it blooming every night of the year or only at three different period of the year?   In the growth rates section you have " With the sunlight and regular watering, until the seedlings appear." That seems to be missing a part of the sentence.   In dietary need you have "full" written with only one "l"     I love the list of colours of the flowers depending on the biome, and the video of the flower blooming that you have!

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