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Storm Pack

The Storm Pack is run by Alpha Rokomo Williams and his grandson, Chris Williams. The former Alpha Heir of the pack was Ignatius Williams, but due to unforseen harmful acts, he was banished, leaving the pack struggling to regain honor among the other packs. Alpha Rokomo does so by offering aid whenever he can and often bites off more than he can chew. In return, Alpha Heir Chris believes that is it high time for his grandpa to retire.  

Leadership / Noble Families

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Alpha Rokomo Williams

Species: Werewolf
Age: 66 years
Magick Powers: Unknown

Alpha Rokomo who seems like an elderly gentlemen. He is cautious and dutiful, but also kind and generous. He is always willing to offer the shirt off his back to those in need while also treating every member in his pack like family.

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Alpha Heir Chris

Species: Werewolf
Age: 23 years
Magick Powers: Lightning

Alpha Heir Chris is a hot-tempered, selfish jerk with a nose for praise. He is often on a powertrip and sees any non-member of the pack as a threat. His entitlement can easily get him into trouble, but be warned -- he might just shock you!


Ever since the Representative of Werewolves, Jack McClain, took charge of the Wolf Council of Bonds, he passed a law that allows the Alpha to be the only law maker within their pack. In return, the Alpha chooses the percentage on taxes and the capacity rate on monetary prices in shops. Within the Storm Pack, these are considered pretty low and often made up for with the labor the werewolves, werefoxes, and shapeshifters of the pack bring in.   The Alpha also leads their pack for many years, holding pack meetings, rank and traditional ceremonies, and charities. On top of that, the Alpha is responsible for training the Alpha Heir to be the next leader of the pack. In case the Alpha is unable to perform their duties for a given time, the Beta takes charge.

Industry & Trade

White phosphorus munitions are the main resource found in the Storm Pack. The white phosphorus is created within an undisclosed lab inside the pack and then transported outside to a laboratory, where the munitions are created. The munitions are then sold to the American government as part of the Shadows Pact.   White phosphorus is commonly used in smoke, illumination, and incendiary munitions, and is commonly the burning element of tracer ammunition. It can often lead to serious cases of burns and smoke inhalation. To create the white phosphorus, the crafters take the bones of animals hunted and calcified into bone ash.


The Storm Pack contains many winding roads built over sewers like a labyrinth. One lake serves as the pack's main source of fresh water, with a miniature island in the center containing the pack's prison built beneath. A single bridge serves as a connector between the island and the mainland. There are two military bases found near the training sites - the Training Forest and the Training Field. Near the entrance of the pack is the general hospital, whereas a closer hospital near the home districts.  
There are three districts within the Storm Pack. The first is the upper class, where the Alpha, Beta, and Warriors live. The working class is the second district, home to the Hunters, Scouts, Pup Watchers, Elders, Omegas, and Healers. In the final district, there are the shops, hospitals, and other varied locations.  
The pack has raised walls that surround the entirety of it with towers every fifty feet. There is only one entrance to the city, through a pair of large double doors, which remain open when the Crimson Contract is training right outside the pack gates.


Main Locations
  • Clothes Contact: A clothing and tailor store that makes custom items.
  • Crimson Contract Main HQ: The main headquarters for the militarized guild.
  • The Malt Afternoon: Fancy restaurant many wolves take their mates on a first date.
  • The Pepper Cart: General Goods
Other Key Locations
  • Storm Pack Lake: The lake near the dungeon; rumors are that it's haunted
  • The Gilded Thorne: an enchanter guild that sells a variety of magickal items
  • The Magick Lantern: Movie theater; shows both old and new films
  • The Wicked Cherry Shoppe: Ice cream shoppe

Guilds and Factions

by Amelia Nite (Armoria)
The Crimson Contract: A military guild that focuses on protecting the pack. Only Warriors are able to sign up and given a rank. The Commander runs the military with Alpha Rokomo the only one able to overrule the Commander's authority. There are two training areas for members to practice at - the Training Forest and the Training Field.  
by Amelia Nite (Armoria)
The Gilded Thorne: An enchanter guild that sells a variety of magickal items. Those with magical prowess can join, but they must undergo a trial to see if they are worthy. Those who barely pass are often placed in charge of selling the merchandise while those with more prominent magick get to train and even participate in ceremonies around the pack that involve magick.  
by Amelia Nite (Armoria)
The Shadow Legion: Chris has his very own posse that follows him around, always looking for a fight. There are a total of three members -- Adged Diamond, Brielzon Spike, and Iva Green, each with a unique magickal trait. This group's sole purpose is to protect Chris and watch his back at all times. When not together, they report to him whatever dangers lurk in their territory.  
by Amelia Nite (Armoria)
The White Stag: A theives' guild that operates on stealing riches just to prove a point to the upper class. They use a white stag as their symbol to resemble power and mystery, knowing full well of legends behind the white stag. They currently are said to have the precious Alpha Jewels, which have been missing since June of 2007 AD.


The Storm Pack was built on a grassland surrounded by lucious deciduous trees. Over time and with thoughtful care of the region the pack chose to make their home, the trees grew into a mighty forest called Faery Woods. It is currently warded off by the pack due to dangerous attacks that keep happening; it is unknown what is causing them. They built around a medium-sized lake containing a small island. This island is home to the Silverhold Regional Prison. Even with a lake in the area, the only rivers are those found underneath the surface. When heading to the working class district, a few hills can be found which easily merge the working class district into the upper class district via a massive hill.


The Storm Pack can be found in California, close to Los Angeles, causing the pack to be prone to remnants of tropical cyclones during summer and even heavy fallouts with earthquakes, causing lots of rebuilding whenever they strike. The humidity tends to get to a lot of people with summers being very hot, humid, and dry. Snow rarely falls, but when it does, it feels strange and nobody is ever prepared for it. In winter, the temperatures are usually warm while dipping into cooler numbers every once in a while.

Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Worldspinner)
Quick Facts
Founding Date:
1106 AD / 2177 EoDW
Capital, Large Town
Rokomo Williams
Leader Title:
Parent Organization:
Bond of Silver
Neighboring Nations:
Branch Claw Territory
Eastormel Territory
Glimmercrest Territory
Grokealis Territory
Savage Fang Territory
US Dollar


In any wolf pack, it is highly common for werewolves to be at the top of the population, with all other shapeshifting beings taking after it. However, humans have increasingly pushed forward on living with werewolves only that last couple of centuries. Humans generally don't have much connection with werewolves other than being the mate of a werewolf or being a siblings. It is rare for a werewolf to have a human child but newly developed research is begininng to show otherwise.  
Species Total
Humans 7,824
Shapeshifters 3,391
Werefoxes 10,979
Werewolves 15,734
Witches 2,116
Total: 40.044
Related Traditions

Other Notable People

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Beta Graham Diamond

Species: Werewolf
Age: 48 years
Magick Powers: Water

While taking on tougher duties Beta Graham remains loyal to the pack without any faults. In all factors, Graham would lay own his life to take out any threats to the pack.


by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Future Beta Adged Diamond

Species: Werewolf
Age: 18 years
Magick Powers: Ice

As Chris' best friend and right-hand wolf, Adged is pressured into being the best Future Beta he can be, regardless if he wants the title or not.


Map of the Pack

Storm Pack

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