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Bound Series
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Chris Williams

Christofer, or Chris, as he prefers to be called, is the Alpha Heir of the Storm Pack. He is a typical hot-head and doesn't like it when lower-ranks stand up to him. He also despises rogues and will do anything to banish or kill them the moment he notices they are in the pack territory. While this doesn't seem strange for an Alpha Heir, Chris is also the type to use aggression to get what he wants. He is disrespectful to authority and mocks the weak, putting him high on the list of not to be liked.  

Rokomo Williams: "Alright! Both of you, get your acts together. If you want to fight each other, you may. But there is a place for such things and even ground rules."

  Chris growled.  

Chris Williams: "I don't need any rules. This mutt needs to learn his place if he's to be in the pack!"

  Oliver crouched, stiffening his tail out from his body in a straight line. He snarled and paced slowly around Chris, looking for the right opportunity to strike. One wrong move and it would lights out for him against an Alpha Heir ranked wolf. Planning was his only way to win such a battle. Chris returned the cold anger between them and tore off his leather jacket, throwing it at Adged before dropping to all fours and shifting into a giant white wolf. He wasn't anything to be proud of, like the night before. In the dark, Chris was intimidating. Now, Oliver puffed out his fur, rose his hackles, and drew his lips over his teeth with a snarl.  

Oliver McKinney: "I may be a future member of the pack, but you will never be able to silence me, dog."

— His Mate, book 1 chapter 14 scene snippet
  With his highly unusual temper in an Alpha, there has been a flux in pack ranking among all wolves. His grandfather, Alpha Rokomo Williams, has no idea this change has been made as Chris has ordered for all wolves below him to keep their mouths shut about it. This heirarchy change as resulted in members of the pack only being allowed to hang out with those of the same rank. The only time someone was permitted to hang out with another rank was if Alpha Rokomo put them together for a pack mission or that person's mate was of another rank.  



The quickest way to sum Chris up is that he's a typical hot-headed punk for an Alpha Heir. He's cocky and even misogynistic on part of how his father raised him. All his thoughts on what a Luna should be like come from his father and even his views on who can be considered family comes from him too. After his father was banished, Chris' attitude became worse, darkening him into someone ruthless. This has only brought stress upon his grandfather, in which Chris does not seem to care about. To him, his grandfather "ruined" their family.  


He has led a pretty normal life. If anyone was traumatic for him, it would have been the day his mate attempted to reject him and accused him of murdering her mother.  


Chris was born to Ignatius Williams and Rachell Williams, who died giving birth to him and his three stillborn siblings. From birth until he was nine-years-old, Chris was blissfully unaware of the struggles his father and grandfather had. Chris and his gramps always got along until that moment, when he started to follow under his father's guidance, absorbing all the knowledge he could about being an Alpha.   And the young age of fifteen, Chris witnessed his first rogue attack, struggling to escaping the large group that had formed and was working under the orders of a secret rogue Alpha. This was the first time, Chris ever felt powerless. He made a vow to train harder until he was able to defend himself against many opponents. Three more years passed and Chris was eventually marked down as the strongest Alpha Heir out of the four packs of the USA. Nobody dared to challenge him for fear of what repercussions they could face.  
by 35030 (Pixabay)
By the time he was eighteen, Chris thought everything in his life was perfect. Then, his father was banished from the Storm Pack, which resulted in Chris changing his attitude completely. This was also the moment Chris implented the new pack ranking system with friendships. Everything he had grown accustomed to was gone and now he had to survive on his on his own.   Around his twenty-second birthday, Chris, his Shadow Leigion, and a hunter were attacked by a group of warsworn, which were able to throw them off course and make a run for it. Although, the hunter had sustained an injury from the warsworn's claws. By the time they reached the pack, the hunter had fallen ill. In less than 24-hours, the hunter was dead and the knoweldge of warsworn loose in the pack territory was considered an upmost priority to get rid of.   A year has passed since then, and attacks from the warsworn have only increased, leaving many people wondering what to do next. The idea of surviving with them nearby has been on the thoughts of many, including Chris, who doesn't care that a warsworn breaks into the pack capital every once in a while to kidnap Deidrick Howl for whatever means.   Around September of 2018, Chris was out with his Shadow Legion during a harsh storm when the scent of his mate caught his attention. He followed it to a cliff side, where he caught sight of a car tettering back and forth on a tree some two hunred feet above the ground. He rushed to the person inside the car's rescue, realizing the person to be his mate. Once rescued and brought to the Storm Pack, his mate awoke and freaked out, wanting to be far away from him. His mate's name was Arya Norma and she accused him of being her mother's killer as he was a white wolf. She refused to listen to his side of the story and called for her friend, Anton Iso to rescue her. Thanks to him being a Slayer for the Accord of Oblivion, Anton was able to take Arya away due to her being under the age of eightteen. This pissed Chris off to the point his hatred for slayers is worse than ever.   Now, he awaits for the return of his mate and a very surprising "rogue" on his doorstep.

Mental characteristics

Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Alpha Heir / Christofer
Quick Facts
Chaotic Good
Pack Rank:
Birth Date:
August 12
Birth Year:
1996 AD 23 Years Old
Hair Color:
Short, shaggy; Blond
Skin Tone:
6'6" (198 cm)
Other Notes
Ignatius Williams (dad)
Rachell Williams (mom, deceased)
Affiliated Organization, Primary:
Affiliated Organizations, Secondary:
Bond of Silver
Fourth District
Shadow Leigion
by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)

Little Arya

All Chris wants is to rectify what damage has been created between him and his little mate, even if he doesn't understand what he did. The worst part is he didn't even do anything. Saving Arya from a car about to plumet over two hundred to a rocky ground was all he could think about. Heck, he never even saw Arya before that moment or even knew what kind of car her family owned.
by darksouls1 (Pixabay)

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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