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Bound Series
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Adged Diamond

Adged is the son of the Beta Graham, who works closely with Alpha Rokomo Williams to stop the warsworn from killing anymore members of the Storm Pack. At times, he doesn't seem like much, but Adged can be a hellion when pushed past his limit. Only a few people can order him around and even then, Adged is still troublesome. When pressured to do the right thing, he will go to any lengths to make sure his job is done. He will also gladly lay down his life for his pack, even if he doesn't like half of his members do to them being weaker than him.  

Adged Diamond: "What's a rogue such as yourself doing on Storm Pack territory?"

  The hybrid's face paled. He knew that being near Los Angeles would promptly set him up to meet a few Storm Pack wolves, but he didn't think he'd meet one so soon. Slowly, he sheathed his claws.  

Oliver McKinney: "There isn't much for me anywhere. So, I decided to go here."


Adged Diamond: "We'll see about that."

  Adged inched closer until their faces were millimeters apart.  

Adged Diamond: "I doubt my Alpha Heir will take kindly to a rogue on the territory."

  Oliver shrugged.  

Oliver McKinney: "Not like there's anything that can be changed."


Adged Diamond: "Oh, but there is. There always is."

— His Mate, Shadow Series Book 1 Scene



Looks can be deceiving when it comes Adged, but at the very least, one will find out he's clear-headed and disciplined. Of course, he's also athletic, tolerant and surprising, but he's often slightly tainted by a mindset of being disorderly as well. On many occasions, people will count on this and his considerate nature when they're feeling down.   Nobody's perfect, of course, and Adged has rotten moods and days too. His self-indulgence and slyness pose plenty of problems and just affect all around negatively. Fortunately, his discipline is usually there to soften the blows. This is one reason why his pack mates believe that Alpha Heir Chris Williams will choose him to be the next Beta.  


Adged has had a pretty normal life. The only kind of trauma he's ever faced came from his first fight with Deidrick Howl. Their friendship had been the highlight of their pup years, with Adged standing up for Deidrick whenever bullies would show up. On the day that Adged was made a Warrior-in-training, he was given a choice of being an outcast or shoving Deidrick away and choosing a path of cold ruthlessness. Needless to say, Adged's path was clear and ever since he betrayed his friend, his temper has shortened. There's nothing he wouldn't give to spend one more day as Deidrick's friend, but with Chris hovering at his side, Adged is stuck with his choice.  


Mental characteristics

Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Quick Facts
Lawful Neutral
Pack Rank:
Birth Date:
May 5
Birth Year:
2001 AD 18 Years Old
Cis Male
Hair Color:
Silver with blue streaks
Skin Tone:
Pale White
5'8" (172 cm)
Other Notes
Graham Diamond (father)
Unnamed mother
Affiliated Organization, Primary:
Affiliated Organizations, Secondary:
Bond of Silver
Fourth District
Shadow Leigion


Being born with as the middle sibling of a set of triplets, Adged has worked his hardest to prove himself as a proper Warrior. He even started practicing with his ice magick to show those of the Shadow Legion just how committed he was to their cause.
Adged was born and raised in the Storm Pack with his dad by his side, teaching him everything he needed to know about being a Warrior. His childhood was pretty bland without much throwing him into the deep end of the water. His childhood best friend was Deidrick Howl, who stood by him for everything. Yet, that all changed when Adged met Alpha Heir Chris at Adged coming-of-age ceremony when he was thirteen.   Chris saw the potential in Adged and started training with him. Eventually, they met Iva Green and Brielzon Spike, where they formed the Shadow Leigion, a group dedicated to keeping Chris safe when out on patrols. For the past five years, Adged has worked to keep Chris safe, even growing a crush on him after the many years of being around him.

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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