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Bound Series
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Jack McClain - Shadows Saga

YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!   If you're interested about Jack in the Bound Series, read this link.
Jack has spent over a thousand years with his mate, Kěith Cheonsa by now. He still remains the stubborn, hot-headed Alpha-ranked wolf, yet he is now the Representative of Werewolves and helps his mate, the Senator of the Vampires, with whatever task are needed to keep the peace between their species.   For the first time, Jack will learn that he has a grandson named Oliver McKinney. His grandson is a spitfire mixture of him and his mate, and that doesn't include Oliver's hybrid abilities. Jack tends to have his hands full with his grandson, but he couldn't be happy to have him in his life.  
Set 1165 Years Into the Future
The Senator of the Vampires moved forward, extending his hand toward Oliver. Slowly, the teen glanced at the hand. He frowned. Then, he tilted his head, confused at to why this person was being so formal. Family wasn't like that.  

Kěith Cheonsa: "Hello, Oliver. I'm your granddad. Wow! I never thought I'd get to say that."


Oliver McKinney: "What the fuck?"

  Scrunching his face, he looked at the senator with confusion.  

Rokomo Williams: "Watch your language, young man."

  With a snort, Oliver crossed his arms over his chest while turning his attention away from everyone.  

Oliver McKinney: "Like you control your dick of a grandson who likes to start shit?"


Jack McClain: "Well, he's certainly part of the family, right, babe? Got yar attitude to boot."

  Representative McClain asked as he slipped his arm around his mate's waist.
— His Mate, Book 1 Scene Snippet


by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
Jack has changed a lot in the last thousand years. He's developed a likeness for future technologies and tries to intigrate them into his daily life to make sure everything is running smoothly for all werewolves around the world. But one thing is for sure - he has not forgotten his roots! His southern accent hasn't gone away and he still dresses like a cowboy, but with a professional look.   When it comes to Oliver, he tries his best to keep his cool, but Oliver loves to try his patience by making jabs at what Jack has recently done wrong. This doesn't help since Kěith is furious at him at the start of their appearance in His Mate, Shadows Saga book one. Jack is unsure is Oliver truly hates him and with his mate currently despising him, Jack has turned toward drinking as a way to cope. Kěith's hostility toward him has only brought depression upon him and while he doesn't blame his mate for being pissed at him, he does wish Kěith would at least let them talk it out and possibly seek marriage counseling.  
After the murder of his dad, Jack turned toward a darker method of fighting than just using his barbarian nature and Ice Magick. Instead, Jack began drawing upon the dark nature of the dark knight with a taste for vengeance. When Viktor Tyler was finally slaughtered by both Oran Monbeuk and him, he swore off the use of the dark knight and vowed to only focus on a more peaceful manner of solving issues.  


If you want to read about Jack's history before this point, please read about it here.   The Alpha Trilogy has yet to be written, so that will remain a secret for now. ;P
When Jack and Kěith arrived on Earth in 1102 AD, they didn't expect to be in the medieval ages, where paranormal creatures were seen as demonic entities, witches were burned at the stake, and everything anti-queer reigned supreme. Jack detested having to hide who he was again and made quick work of securing a peaceful plot of land and helping the paranormal species rebuild their lost civilizations.

Mental characteristics

Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Alpha / Representative / Love / Terrance
Quick Facts
Neutral Good
Pack Rank:
Representative of Werewolves
Birth Date:
Kruqesk 20th / December 19th
Birth Year:
1999 EoL / 927 AD 1092 Years Old
Home Town:
Cis Male
Electric Blue
Dark brown
Skin Tone:
Caucasian; tanned
Fur Tone:
7'1" (215.9 cm)
Other Notes
Lucian McClain (father, deceased)
Austïn Lén King (birth giver, deceased)
Suna McClain (mother, deceased)
Siblings (Adopted):
Bryant McClain (older brother, deceased)
Ciera McClain (younger sister, deceased)
Destan McClain (older brother, deceased)
Seán McClain (older brother, deceased)
Trevin McClain (younger brother, deceased)
Kěith Cheonsa (husband)
Children (Adopted):
Aubern Eld (adopted son, deceased) as
Krisen Torrel (adopted son)
Children (Biological):
Eion Cheonsa-McClain (son)
Lisa McKinney (daughter)
Salem Cheonsa-McClain (son)
Wyett Cheonsa-McClain (son)
Affiliated Organization, Primary:
Bond of Silver
Affiliated Organizations, Secondary:
Moonlight Expanse (formerly)
The Winter Plains Region (formerly)
The Bond of Silver
In 1105 AD, the Bond of Silver came about when the werewolves needed some form structure. They labeled Jack as the Representative of the Werewolves and for a thousand years, he helped to keep the peace.  
The Shadows Saga...
When Jack and Kěith first appear in the Shadows Saga, they're in the middle of a bitter argument, but try to keep it out of sight. Kěith doesn't want the truth being spilt and Jack would do anything to fix the mistake that he's done so he can see Kěith happy again. Meeting Oliver drew a lot of tension between them, but maybe Oliver could be what pushes them into talking again.  

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)
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