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Wolf Council of Bonds


Contains spoilers for His Kiss, book 2 of the Shadows Series. Read at your own risk.
  The Wolf Council of Bonds was formed in 1106 AD, when Jack McClain became the Representative of Werewolves for the entire world of Earth. Each member of the council was chosen with the upmost care and investigation. Every twenty years, a new set of council members are selected by the representative to help run the packs.   The representative works similarly to the President of the United States...with a few changes. For one, the representative is not kicked out after 4 years of service. They are allowed to remain in office for as long as they want. The reason for this comes from Rep. Jack McClain being able to live for as long as his vampiric mate can.   Since vampires can live up to 3000 years, it only makes sense that Rep. Jack McClain can live until for over a thousand years. This has given him hundreds of years to lead the council and help his people the best he can. As a result of his passion and drive, the council continues to work with him.  
To: Representative McClain
From: Wolf Council
Date: August 18, 2019  
  Concerning the capture of Oliver McKinney, a hybrid rogue, we have no choice but to initiate Protocol S.T.O.R.M. By the end of the day tomorrow, three platoons of Warriors, Hunters, and Scouts will be at the gates of the Storm Pack. Your job as Representative is to ensure the pack has everything under control and that Rogue Alpha Ignatius Williams is unable to attempt to steal the pack for his own gain.


The WCB is based off the original Wolf Council, which was demolished after Rep. Jack McClain and his mate proved the Wolf Council was corrupt and overthrew them. When Rep. Jack McClain founded the WCB, he had a new plan in mind. He created a strict list of rules to follow, all of which included that anything anti-LGBTQA+ was forbidden within the packs and that WCB was not allowed to change that rule under any circumstances. Furthermore, Rep. Jack McClain also created a loophole for the Representative; if any WCB member or the entirety of the WCB was found to be corrupt, the Representative has the power to remove all sources to danger that could result in the packs being terminated at some point.  


Rep. Jack McClain keeps a close eye on the WCB as he doesn't want a repeat of the original Wolf Council. Everything the WCB does goes through him, even if they are needing to make a payment to help a pack out. At one point, the WCB offered for him to start having Personal Omegas help him with the overwhelming loads of work. Rep. Jack McClain was worried about bring in an outsider to help him, but with the encouragement of his mate, Jack has used Personal Omegas for over 600 years, and every 25 years, he replaces them to keep them from knowing too many secrets. Although, there are ensurances, things can always go sideways...

Council of Bonds

by Owensart (Pixabay)
Each member of the council focuses on their home pack territory for whatever needs to be done. If supplies are in demand from one pack, trades can be organized through the Council of Bonds. One thing the Council of Bonds has been granted is the legal authority to punish those who break the law, and those who commit heinous crimes can be punished with a special item known as the Crown of Mithral. This item has the ability to turn people to stone, hence not many tend to break the law unless they are rogues.
Administrative Division Elders Pack Pop.
Claw Pack Theo (m)
Anabelle (f)
Horn Pack Abram (m)
Maria (f)
Storm Pack Norden (m)
Jessica (f)
Vain Pack Donovan (m)
Kari (f)

Each Male Member

Each Male Member

Claw Pack
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Theo is a dependable werewolf with a moralistic code. He is constantly motivated to do the right thing and is average-mannered.
Horn Pack
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
While Abram is compassionate and welcoming, he can be rather boastful. Yet, his courageous nature is helps the council delve into topics they would rather back away from.
Storm Pack
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Norden appears cold and callous, but he is a cheerful, level-headed werewolf with a happy-go-lucky personality. His intelligence proves to be useful in everyday situations.
Vain Pack
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Faithful Donovan never strays from the council's path. And while he has strong feelings of entitlement, he can be steadfast and tactful when the job calls for it.


Each Female Member

Each Female Member

Claw Pack
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Anabelle is a socialite, a team player, and tough when the going gets rough.
Horn Pack
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Maria loves action-oriented goals. When necessary, she can be a propery leader Action-oriented, Needs to be admired, A leader (when necessary) and Aggressive
Storm Pack
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Jessica has a habit of expressing emotions inappropriately, but she is easy-going and unconventional, giving her the attitude of not behaving in the same way as most other people in society.


Nonbinary Member

Nonbinary Member

Vain Pack
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Kari is the only non-binary member of the council. They are well-mannered, helpful, and people-oriented. Although, they can be a bit controlling when they see something they like.


Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Worldspinner)
Quick Facts
Founding Date:
1106 AD
Political, Council
Government System:
Parent Organization:
Bonds of Silver
Economic System:
Mixed Economy
Official Languages:
Common, Wolf Terminology
Neighboring Organizations:
Bonds of Silver
Related Ethnicites:
Desert Wolf
Forest Wolf
Plains Wolf
Council of Bonds
Bonds Council

by Amelia Nite (Canva)

Political Groups
Loyalists (5)
  • CP (1)
  • HP (2)
  • SP (1)
  • VP (1)
Opposition (3)
  • CP (1)
  • HP ( 0 )
  • SP (1)
  • VP (1)
  Political Factions
Claw Pack
Horn Pack
Storm Pack
Vain Pack



Each council member comes from a different background, however, it was not always like this in the beginning. The WCB was only for werewolves as they would understand how the species worked better than a human or other paranormal in the council. This went on for 156 years until Rep. Jack McClain put a stop to it. He knew that humans could be mated to werewolves, so denying them the right to be on the council when their mate was a wolf was abhorrent and utterly disrespectful. Now, any human Rep. Jack McClain deems worthy of being on the council is permitted and currently, two humans preside on the WCB.   The packs are a huge priority when it comes to what the WCB does. Their livelihoods, income, resources--all of it is decided by the WCB and they only intervene when stocks are low or an Alpha has shown himself to be corrupt, as with the case of Ignatius Williams.
Species Percentage
Werewolf 75%
Human 25%
Ethnicity Percentage
Desert Wolf 50%
Forest Wolf 37.5%
Plains Wolf 12.5%

Public Agenda

Bond of Silver cover
by Amelia Nite (Canva)
The creation of the WCB was to help provide a sense of security for the wolf packs that had arrived on Earth, as most wolves were still adjusting to life on a different home planet. The council also specializes in keeping wars to a minimum, even civil wars amongst the people.   Out of all four main wolf packs in the USA, three of them are divided on how to take better care of wolfkind. They are currently dealing with three strange rogue packs gathering ground across the continent. The WCB has advised all wolf packs to remain on lockdown until the threats can be contained.  

Politics & Practices

The WCB works only on land, leaving the sky to the avians and griffins and the sea to the sirens and other merfolk. There are yearly meeting between the land, sky, and water folks. During these agreements, peace treaties are written up and grievances can be shared. But threats will not be tolerated and anyone who dares bring up a threat will be bared from the next yearly meeting. This can prove to be dangerous as the bared group cannot call for aid in times of crisis. Each of these meetings explains what is going wrong or right with their territory. At this time, they are allowed to ask for help or decline any form of help if need be.   When the WCB is not dealing with the yearly meetings, they are busy communicating between the packs or having weekly meetings with the Representative, who is the only one that has the right to postpone a meeting via the circumstance, such as his mate being in danger.  

Crown of Mithral

The very crown is a special wonderous item that was given to Rep. Jack McClain by Mavhena, the Atlas at the founding of the WCB. Only Rep. Jack McClain and the WCB have access to it, but it has recently gone missing and various stone statues are appearing in Los Angeles, California, right near the Storm Pack.   One of the three special powers within the stone of the crown gives the user the ability to turn people to stone. When one is turned to stone, it is permanent unless the ability Healing Stone is activated. And for each person turned to stone, the branches of the Crown of Mithral grow longer, even if the stone has been detached from the crown.

by Owensart (Pixabay)

Crown of Mithral

Wondrous Item


When Mavhena, the Atlas granted a small stone from her breast to Representative Jack McClain, he was instructed to place it at the center the {TBN} statue's forehead. When he did, a crown of branches formed around the statue's head with the stone affixed to it.   This item can hold a maximum of 5 stones from Mavhena. Only Rep. Jack McClain may pluck and place the stone in still water. If Mavhena is within 10 miles of the stone, it was point in her direction. If she is not within range, it spins without settling on a direction. The stone can then be recovered and placed back on the crown.   As an action, you can pluck a stone from the crown, touching it to a target within 5 feet of you. The stone then glows a bright white and completes one of the following features:   Helper's Blessing. You give the target advantage on Dexterity (Strength) checks and they are under the efect of the blur spell for the duration. This blessing lasts for 1 hour.   Seeing Stone. The target is under the effect of the flesh to stone spell until you decide to remove the effect.   Healing Stone. The target is affected by the Lesser Restoration spell and heals 2d8 hit points. If the target has been effected by the Seeing Stone ability, the target can make a Constitution saving throw. On a successful save, they will be returned to their former state.  

Mavhena revels in light-hearted help with a crafty touch. When she finds fellow helpers, she bestows a stone from her body to them, in a show of respect. With a few in hand, a cunning helper can engage in thwarting dangerous criminals to the world with even greater merit.


Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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