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New Years Resolution 2023 by Graylion


Reading Challenge

  • Selecting ten prompts by other World Anvil users.
  • Not selecting an author more than once
  • Like (who doesn't love to see the red heart show up on notifications)
  • Comment (we love to see comments on our work)
  • Follow the world
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  • Have fun reading now that the World Ember is done



      I will be focusing on vampire domains within the city, for my primary world of the Creation. A domain is the mortal ward that a vampire clan has claimed as their own, the layer of vampire politics, influence and control that lies just out of the perception of the mortal world. During World Ember I was able to establish the first of those domains and the format for the rest with the Daeva Domain. I will also be focusing on several new worlds such as the Character Vault and Nexus. The Character Vault gives me a place to craft and store characters that are not part of a world while Nexus is a Hub World to eventually lead to all my worlds and locations. I have made a couple of false starts over the last two years but this is the one! And my final goal is to look forward to this years event challenges and dates to better have a handle on what I will be working on.  
  • Vampire Domains
  • Nexus
  • Character Vault
  • Small Art Comissions
  • MJ City Wards
  • Event List Planning
  • Summer Camp Planning
  • World Ember Planning

  • Several species of shiny articles gathered together around the warmth of a forge and grooving with a quill


    I was led to the Chronicles of Evalaw by the "Ball Breaker" but managed to sidestep her and start exploring. Reading the Welcome to Evalaw is a reminder of balance. Simply put a little text, art, image, map and style comes together to give you a hint and glimpse at what is to come. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount to show you greatness and grab your interest. This reminds me of one of my favorite settings Exalted by White Wolf/Paradox. I am pleased to have found this world, well done!


    I continue to return to the World of Koria by CrazyEddie where the grim fantasy world struggles against demons and that struggle is real. I loved seeing the Inquisition and the examples provided allow us to get inside their lives and stories. Thank you. My favorite line "Absolutely, Sir, I have no don't you dare, human!" . Another great article in this world is Flow of the Coins detailing three merchant houses.


    This takes me to Viscerium by Bladeswillfall which also struggles against demons, but we expand fantasy by worlds including space ships and technology. And the demons may not be what you think they are. A reminder that a word does not always mean what you think it means. Now onto this article! Who doesn't love augmented humans upgrading their warriors with hardware and tech. Makes for such a cool concept. Welcome to the Aesir, part of the NeMeSIS program manufactured by The Black Foundry. Also a reminder that political organizations are hard, check out Soloveyko Republic. One of my favorites is the 7 Nadirs of Sin is a fantastic and creative take on the Seven Deadly Sins.


    Wow, this is a reminder that as we read darker worlds and stories, we still need heroes in our lives. The Tales of Justice is just that world, the kind that sparks that feeling of watching Saturday morning cartoons and fist pumping the air when the heroes defeat the villain, save the day and do it with honor. The comic book theme is absolutely fantastic and the Star League is splashed with so many great references that you recognize but they are creatively degrees off of what you would expect. This gives you something completely new, for example the Kryptonian armada as antagonists, that alone is worth its weight in kryptonite. This article continues the story of the Star League by highlighting their Flight Rings. Very powerful, very unique and most importantly a symbol of hope! Thank you Kummer Wolfe.


    Oh my, there is so much to love about the world of Saleh'Alire, by Mistress Hummingbird aka yeslittlehummingbird so its easy enough to reach in grab an article knowing it will be great. So it was a toss up between the Scholars Orb which is magic, sentient, was a person and now their creation is banned or the Hut Hut Tavern, just consider what it would look like if Baba Yaga and her hut when into the tavern business, nuff said. Creative content, wonderful writing, gorgeous styling and TTRPG extras like rolling tables.


    I highly recommend a stop by the city of Bridgeport set in the world of Alana by Tillerz. Bridgeport is overflowing with interesting locations and characters. Today we will highlight the Opera House run by the Guild of Actors and Entertainers, which are an eclectic bunch. Queen Eleanor Rani of Farenia also visits by Airship just to see their amazing and emotional performances. A world full of unique characters including the locations. Beautiful maps, especially the Opera House and the Airship.


    A return to the world of Shadowfire by Ononomad makes me remember I could find goblins far more interesting again. This is an excellent article on spirits or the Ancestral Spirits of goblins. It serves as a touch of the supernatural, culture and the cycle of life. In addition to excellent writing the world color pallet, styling and images blend together to create a beautiful experience. A excellent reminder to not dismiss the mundane, embrace it give it character and make it special.


    I normally shy away from worlds or articles that stand on humor, but apparently humor combined with cuteness is my weakness. I had the pleasure of viewing Her Highness Princess Luna Kitten and she was glorious, this marked a once in a lifetime event to see her in her feline radiance. She found my offering of exotic cheese worthy and I was gifted with giving her one pet, which I still have not washed the hand that touched her divine fur.


    The first line of this article grabs you right away and screams this is going to be a wild and interesting ride. "Each age the planets choose a mortal to embody them. A young girl is granted immense power, the potential of the planet itself, and from that point on she is known as a Keystone.". Another visit to the World of Solaris by the talented Annie Stein , builds us up just so she can throw cosmic curve balls at us. She shows the various ways the planets "embrace" their Keystone, and some of them are not what you would think.


    This line says it all ... "And they all awaken hungry." What's worse than vampires, you should read this article ... during the day, ... with the lights on. This article is an excellent reminder that sometimes less is better, we are given enough to think about, enough that we expect to find. But then we are given just a little bit more to raise our interest, to upset what we thought we knew and to hint at something worse, something greater. As I utter the Truename of the talented Qurilion, I remind you that he never fails to entertain us with his words of wonder. Another great article is School of the Ceaseless Flame, read their opinion of the other schools. This is just too good.



    While these two articles are not within the prompts however I wanted to shine a spotlight on them.
    Usually a week does not go by that I don't read an amazing article from the seriously talented Kummer Wolfe. His introductions grab you, his stories hold you while his formatting dazzles you.


    The Path Forward

    The path forward is about reflection of the past and the courage for the future. The Reading Challenge is one of the great examples of how World Anvil encourages you to move forward. I will continue to rub shoulders with the great writers of World Anvil while trying to focus more on specific elements I want to expand.


    Continue Reading

    To read more of my World Ember article or Features articled in the Shadow War Across Creation see below.

    Cover image: World Ember 2022 Certificate


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    2 Jan, 2023 21:07

    Thanks Graylion for your kind words, and an excellent review! I am indeed trying to challenge the preconceptions of goblins… I fear they have been unfairly maligned across much of the multiverse :-)

    Check out my world Shadowfire and my WorldEmber progress
    2 Jan, 2023 21:29

    I think your attempts have been a success! You have forced me to take a new look at your goblins which are way more detailed and involved.

    Featured Articles in the Shadow War across Creation by Graylion

    3 Jan, 2023 00:57

    Thank you very much Graylion for all the shout outs! I'm very flattered. :D   You're so right though. Tales of Justice really is meant to stand as a reminder that heroes are needed, because worlds... the real world even... can be so very dark. We all need heroes. We all need hope. Anyway, I could go on... but thank you for the amazing review and kind words. :D

    Sage nnie
    Annie Stein
    3 Jan, 2023 09:24

    It sounds like you have a solid idea of what you'll be working on, and I wish you the best of luck with it! I'm very flattered you included Solaris among these.

    Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Worldember 2022
    7 Jan, 2023 23:16

    A set of excellent goals! You're going to achieve great things this year :D

    Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
    Latest Work:
    Gauntlet - my shiniest article this year!
    9 Jan, 2023 09:33

    I'm glad you liked the vampires :D Thank you for including them, and good luck with your own bloodsuckers in the year that's coming!

    Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
    12 Jan, 2023 23:51

    Thanks for including not only the inquisition, but also the merchants. Happy you like them :)

    You want to hear the voice of fire? I got you covered with my actual entry to the bard challenge: Amara Silverharp. You wanna see what we did for Summer Camp? This way please: Eddie's Summercamp
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