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Star League

When humans of Earth were building the pyramids, the original Star League was exploring space and defending the member worlds of the Thanagarian League. They were the front line against the unknown, then later against the might of the Kryptonian armada. Then the Star League was gone.
The Star League was a symbol of hope once. It can be again.
— Captain Fel Kur'Talak
The member worlds of the Thanagarian League formed the Star League to serve as a space exploration and defense service. However, they were not a military force since member worlds of the Thanagarian League maintained their own internal defense services.
This left Star League with the hefty combined responsibility of an exploration force and a general defense force along the frontier of Thanagarian League space. Because of this mandate, ships and crew of the Star League were often the “first contact” between the Thanagarian League member worlds and new cultures. In those instances, they acted as diplomats working toward a cooperative co-existence and perhaps eventual membership into the union of Thanagarian League worlds.
That was before they made ‘first contact’ with the Kryptonian Union. The Kryptonians attacked with overwhelming numbers. After one hundred years of brutal conflict, the Star League fell and the Thanagarian League with it.
Earth’s a small planet, but she does have her defenders. There are other colonies and worlds out there that don't.
— Captain Fel Kur'Talak to Agent Chameleon of SAFEGUARD

A Legend Reborn

Kryptonian forces, under the command of General Dru-Zod, attempted a secret invasion of Earth. Captain Fel Kur’Talak alongside a mixed team of Earth’s heroes, dismantled the Kryptonian Union’s plans to “assimilate” Earth and its people.
The outcome of that conflict showed Fel that the threat of the Kryptonian Union had reached the Sol solar system. It was an old threat with the same goals and new tyrannical leadership under General Dru-Zod.
However, Earth has its heroes. Protectors willing, and able, to halt the Kryptonians despite the Union’s advantage in numbers and technology. Other colonies and cultures in the Sol sector are not so fortunate.
The Kryptonian Union, along with mercenaries and other threats, would make quick work of those innocent people. Those colonies needed defenders, too.
Fel traveled the Earth, talked, and listened. In the past, Star League recruited scientists or soldiers. This time Fel needed something more. He needed unique individuals that were not only skilled scientists, combatants, or tacticians. They needed to have that unique spirit that were willing to embrace hope, truth, and bring justice. To stand a stand against tyranny and say “this far, no farther”.
This time it wasn’t armadas, weapons, or fleets that would make the difference. Technology and know-how could help, but it wouldn’t turn the dark tide of the Kryptonian oppression.
What he needed was hope to be a beacon to lead others to stand up.
He needed heroes.
And that is exactly what he found.

Right Tools for the Right Job

The Star League of the past had a vast array of ships and equipment at its disposal. However, limited resources and a need to be nimble and react quickly has caused this reformed Star League to become more efficient in the equipment that uses when visiting worlds or dealing with a problem.

Flight Ring

Star League Flight Ring by CB Ash
The most recognizable symbol and device of the Star League.
This technological device is a melding of Thanagarian Nth-Metal technology with an extensive study of Green Lantern and Kryptonian Guardian ‘power rings’. A Star League flight ring provides three major functions for a wearer: flight, powered energy shields, and an emergency beacon.
As an additional security precaution, if the wearer falls unconscious while wearing the ring, the flight ring will keep them hovering in place instead of falling.

Telepathic Earplug

Despite the name, the earplug’s telepathic ability is limited to only the wearer, operating similarly as a bone conduction earbud. The earplug interfaces with the Legionnaire’s ring to be able to connect to other Star League earplugs within range.


A triscan unit is a wristband that works in conjunction with the quantum computer core in a Star League flight ring. This scanning device is capable of scanning material from biological to non-biological material for analysis. This is often used to help medical-minded members of the Star League as well as researchers.


Current day Star League members are not expected to wear a uniform. This comes from working with Earth’s heroes and knowing the power that a symbol, such as a hero in costume, has toward giving a person or people hope.
However, there are many times where a Legionnaire will need to be in harsh environments. This is where the transuit comes in. To allow Legionnaires to survive in these environments.

A Beacon in the Night

The Star League’s headquarters is the Thanagarian starship called the Enduupar. She is the last of the Tarkanian Dreadnaught class ships of the “battlestar” series from Thanagar that survived the ancient war with the Kryptonians. In this way, the ship itself stands as a symbol to those in the Sol sector looking for help and hope.
Back in the day, we called ourselves “Starfighters”. But that old term carries a heavy legacy. It doesn't feel right. It's time for something new.
— Captain Fel Kur'Talak
This ship acts as a mobile headquarters and base of operations for the team. The ship’s Nth-drive warp generator and precision stargate generator allow for Legionnaires to access trouble spots quickly. It also provides living quarters, research, and medical facilities.
Greetings Legionnaire and welcome to the Star League!
— Captain Fel Kur'Talak

So much to unpack here! Star League is primarily inspired by the Legion of Super Heroes from DC Comics, the "Star League" from the movie "The Last Starfighter", "Teen Force", and Nova Corps from Marvel Comics. However, there are a few nods to Battlestar Galactica as well!

Star League.png
Star League Insignia by CB Ash
"Hope From the Stars"
Adventuring Party
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Game Mechanics!

A character that becomes a member of the Star League still will have the "Mistrust" disadvantage, as local authorities really may not trust you, but they also must take the following Drawback:
Serious Irrational Attraction (Star League Directive)
This character took an oath to uphold the principals of the Star League and its ideals. (Resistance number 11. Character gets 25 Hero Points)

Star League Directives

Members of the Star League are expected to adhere to, and uphold, certain general rules or directives. This allows the members to share a common goal and beliefs.
Directive One
Legionnaires are devoted to preserving peaceful life of sapient beings and cultures, not destroy them.
Directive Two
Legionnaires are to render aid and assistance where necessary to sapient beings and cultures when they cannot help themselves.
Directive Three
Legionnaires should only assist duly authorized law enforcement of local cultures, not replace them.
Directive Four
Legionnaires are expected to conduct and assist with scientific and similar research with the intent to expand the knowledge available to protected cultures.
Then there’s the threat of General Zod and the Kryptonian armada. It would be nice if he took up a new hobby other than conquering worlds. Like knitting. I hear that’s relaxing.
— Captain Fel Kur'Talak


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22 Dec, 2020 16:57

So much to love from the familiar names and groups with creative spin, the inspiration of hope, being the underdog and fighting to draw a line in the sand (cosmic sand of space). Very enjoyable.

22 Dec, 2020 17:40

Thanks! I have been building up to this in the adventures for some time. I'm looking forward to expanding on the ton of little details that are going to spin off this!

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Wow, this is a reminder that as we read darker worlds and stories, we still need heroes in our lives. And the Star League is a perfect hero group, the kind that sparks that feeling of watching Saturday morning cartoons and fist pumping the air when the heroes defeat the villain, save the day and do it with honor and grace. The comic book theme is absolutely fantastic and the article is splashed with so many great references that you recognize but they are creatively degrees off of what you would expect. This gives you something completely new, for example the Kryptonian armada as antagonists, that alone is worth its weight in kryptonite.

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Thank you very much! :D