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Welcome to Evalaw.

The holy war is over, and the evils that once plagued these lands have been vanquished. But was such a sacrifice truly worth paying? The Creator god lies dead and the heavens torn asunder, our world cries out into the darkness for salvation, haunted by the sins of the past as the faith of its people begins to wane.
Evalaw is a sword and sorcery setting with a dark heart and strong themes of theomachy.
Welcome Wander to Evalaw, a realm scarred by the vengeful gods that once fought each other for ultimate control of the world, while the mortals of Evalaw have progressively fought for power over generations to remake this dying world. These mortal societies emerged out of a legacy of trauma and calamity brought about by divine conflicts. While many of these once mighty deities have vanished or become silent, ignorant and oblivious to those who still pray to them for deliverance.   Once an idyllic paradise, brimming with an abundance of life and wonderment, this time of innocence would not last. The growing hubris of the gods and their vaulted ambitions that would slowly corrupt and despoil all that was once good and pure in this innocent realm. Two devastating planar events, The Cadence and The Sundering., would transform much of Evalaw into a sinister reflection of its former self. One can encounter fantastical magic, mystery and whimsey living alongside fell creatures and malignant shadows, corrupting and tainting everything they touch. Even the most good and virtuous many not always appear as they first would seem.
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Blood and Honor by Ellirhshaan
  Tread carefully wanderer, though these dreadful times would pass, and light would once again return to the world, the shadows of the past still linger in the fell places of this world, waiting patiently for their time to come again.  
Ours was once a peaceful and harmonious world, until the Fallen One appeared. Casting down the creator and despoiled everything that once was, unleashing The Cadence that ravaged the land. Corrupting all that was once pure, pitting kin against kin. What he did to our world was merely a cruel prelude of what was to come, and it would change the face of Evalaw forever.
— Extract taken from the The Irritticus, by Nixua; Venerated Fyllid Chronicler and explorer during the Myrathic Age.

What is Evalaw?

A dark world of deep magic.
Evalaw is a sword and sorcery setting, with elements of high and low fantasy dependant on where one may find themselves. It is a dark world of deep magic, and themes of theomachy as mortals grapple against the unknowable and incomprehensible caprice of the divine. It is a world defined by suggestion, in which there is no absolute villain or perfect heroes. Only people, with complex motivations and past struggles, striving in the pursuit of a future they believe is right.   Evalaw and its denizens are split in twain between the world above and the world below, offering some very familiar, and very strange and alien environments to discover and explore.  
The World Above.
Referred amongst the gods as the Sundered throne, Evalaw is proclaimed to be the great work and final masterpiece of the creator god Folurne . The world of Evalaw languishes beneath the radiant sun in the heavens above. Spanning from the enchanted shores of Lorthwyn, to the squabbling kingdoms and great empires of Illaria to frozen wastes and dark forests of the north and beyond. Evalaw is a cornucopia of landscapes to explore, interesting peoples and cultures to encounter and hidden dangers.  
The World Below.
The underworld, or The Sunless Realms as it is more commonly known by it's denizens, is a subterranean world teeming with wonders and terrors alike rarely seen on the world above. Filled with endless labyrinths of caverns, caves and winding tunnels bult upon layers upon layers of forgotten remnants of the primordial worlds that came long before Evalaw. From expansive caverns and endless warrens bottomless chasms, sunless seas, crystal glaciers and subterranean forests of fungus, the underworld is a realm of mystery that has capture the curiosity of many intrepid explorer and venerable story teller alike.

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Embark Upon The Chronicles.

There have always been those whom seek to hold back the tide of darkness, and those who wish to unleash it.
by Las Painter
A sickness stirs once more Evalaw. The age of peace and prosperity the emissaries of the divine once proclaimed to have been restored has begun to fade. Those brave enough to venture beyond the bounties of their homesteads will no doubt come into conflict with the machinations of the mad gods and fell creatures that have once more begun to crawl out from among the shadows.   Those intrepid souls bold enough to face such adversity leave their mark as they travel the length and breadth of Evalaw evoking the curiosity of the gods. Marked by the divine for greatness, or for their own amusement. Some claim it to be destiny, others tragedy. Whether they choose to make this destiny grand or horrible, every footstep or act taken no matter how small or insignificant, will be immortalised in the annuals of the chronicles for all time. It is the chronicles where the great deeds and tribulations of those whom have walked this world and changed it, for better or worse are recorded, their stories preserved for all time.


Author's Notes

Evalaw has been a big part of my life for many years, having taken a number of different forms and iterations since I was twelve. Originally I wanted to create a fantasy setting that I felt was my own, but contained everything I loved about fantasy. Thus, Evalaw was born. My goal has always been to eventually to finishing the novel behind the world, and a role playing setting, the world was originally concieved as a forum role play in the early 2000's. So it really has been a pleasure to find WorldAnvil and lay the lore of my world down, and not have it in books, upon books of notes, a labrythine onenote or swimming around my head!

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Jan 2, 2023 12:18

Reading the Welcome to Evalaw is the reminder of balance. Simply put a little text, art, image, map and style comes together to give you a hint and glimpse at what is to come. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount to show you greatness and grab your interest. This reminds me of one of my favorite settings Exalted by White Wolf/Paradox. I am pleased to have found this world, well done!

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