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Written by Dr Jimothy

Ahh, yes, the UHN. The thing that was basically the CHG before the CHG but was replaced by the CHG for being too CHG so that the CHG could be less CHG but later on become even more CHG than the UHN that was replaced for being too CHG.

Simply put: This was the first ever occasion of (almost) all of humanity being under a single banner, even if some would've preferred to set said banner on fire than salute it and so is (*was) a very important historical stepping stone for the creation of a truly powerful human race that wasn't reliant on whoever its current enemy was having other problems of its own to get by.

That said the name that this Nation's first ruler gave it was a little pretentious considering that the Goners (3-4 foot tall lizard/velociraptor people) and Bulls were both living inside of human territory, even if they were doing so as subjugated races.


The Supreme Leader only has authority in emergencies or other dangerous situations such as famines, epidemics and wars, under which circumstances they can do whatever they want but can be subject to punishment later if they goof up. Aside from that, the Humanity Council gets to decide the rules that apply across the UHN, with individual planets also being allowed to make their own rules or add extra punishment to breaking those enforced across the UHN.

Very few goods or services are banned and anything that the UHN says isn't banned isn't banned across the entirety of its territory to make things easier for companies who have to operate in many locations. If a culture bans people from smoking, then very few people buy cigarettes and mega-corps have little incentive to sell there. Planets might ban the use of something but can't ban either end of its sale.

Public Agenda

Keeping humanity united and making it strong enough to take on many of the larger outside forces, especially the LIR since that's the only one humanity actually has borders with. There are promises that everything is better when everyone cooperates but... well... the cooperation isn't always there as people simply don't always get along.

Aside from that is the encouragement of freedom... except that "freedom" also includes the rule that contracts might as well be made of reinforced titanium, even ones where it's literally "I agree to let this dude murder me" or "I agree to not have freedom anymore and do whatever this person says". In other words it's just extreme capitalism.


Space ships, fairly large space ships. Orbital nukes. A genetically modified disease that kills 98percent of Goners it touches.


Okay so the 6 Nations of United Commonwealth, United States, The Oriental Empire (aka: Japan and its unofficial vassals), Nordic Union, Russian Federation + puppets and Indian Republics.

They were formed in and worked together throughout The entirety of the human-Goner war but, after that, the only outside threat was the The LIR or League of Intelligent Races, which didn't really pose a threat (despite the sheer numbers that made it impossible to invade) because it was so spread out, had so many other enemies and portals weren't a thing yet. In other words: they were free to attack one another over stupid crap like when the Indian Republic claimed that a Russian Federation planet was Indian property because it was inhabited primarily by those of Indian descent (who had emigrated from the Republic).

One of these wars was especially brutal and many people looked to solutions so that humanity could never fall into war with itself. One of these solutions was a united humanity, and idea that has been prevalent since forever but is especially so when aliens show up demanding that hippitty hoppitty humans are property. The dying sparks of that idea were rekindled a fair bit but, aside from 73 large (100,000+ participants) peaceful protests and 2 riots, nothing serious was being done. Two individuals who met and planned for this to be the case were Marcus, Supreme General of the United Commonwealth, and Aia, Supreme Admiral Aia of the Oriental Empire.

They each performed coups in their respective nations, using the fact that many others in the militaries of their nations were in favour of it to do so successfully. They then each declared their nations as one nation, the United Human Nation, and conquered the Nordic Union, which is comparatively small among the 6 Nations, blitzkrieg style.

After that, they face a problem against the other 3 nations as, despite superior tactics, they're lacking in numbers. This is solved by the fact that many megacorps and not-quite-mega-but-still-huge-corps have a lot of interest in humanity being a single trading block, which just so happens to coincide with the fact that the UHN is declared as "gonna be capitalist once the war is done". Megacorps have lots to gain from a single human nation, being less checks, less taxation, less areas they're simply banned from operating in, larger workforce pool, larger consumer pool, less safe zones for pirates and so on AND actually have tonnes of weapons and soldiers of their own for fighting off pirates, Goner insurgents, other megacorps and LIR raiders.

Yes, that pirate point means that most pirate groups actually helped the United States, the Russian Federation and the Indian Republics (who formed a Triple Alliance) against the UHN and the megacorps that supported it but, ultimately, UHN + megacorps won out over pirates + Triple Alliance and so the 3 nations capitulated, with individual planets and systems that refused to provide their compliance being dealt with over the next few decades.

One might assume the pirates no longer being able to do the ol' reliable "don't worry United States guy we're selling this stuff to we stole to we did it to citizens of the Indian Republics in the United Commonwealth so legally your fine.", but there was actually a massive rise in pirate activity due to all the weapons and ships they were given by the Triple Alliance, as well as a bit of initial economic downturn that turned more to piracy. This only led to more freedoms for private companies, who already had quite a few as a reward for getting the UHN to a ruling position, so that they could more effectively combat pirates. There was also a lot of pirate muckery linked to those planets and systems the UHN had to directly force into joining it.

Eventually, however, piracy dropped to extreme lows due to a mixture of the UHN military looking at it as an Avengers Level Threat, the megacorps getting good at reloading their shotguns and the conquest of all areas of resistance in which the pirates could easily do business with their catch. It would rise a fair bit again later due to economic issues but all this history of piracy probably deserves its own article.

So, over almost 150 years pass of various fun events, a healthy (chonky) number of them violent, and increasingly intense capitalism where even the majority of law enforcement is privately carried out. By this point, the UHN's government is very corrupt as megacorps bribe or even insert officials into the government to push policies favourable to them. These officials end up doing what they can to help their companies and thus keep the bribe money coming while neglecting things like actually keeping things decent for the citizenship, who end up rebelling,

Rebellion fails because a single trained soldier with an exoskeleton combat suit and railgun (yes plasma guns exist but wow imagine using those instead of far cheaper railguns when fighting civilians) will beat 20 guys throwing bricks any day of the century but then the soldiers look into their wallets and are like "yo wtf ain't the government meant to be paying me for this?"

Yep. The UHN stopped paying its own military the moment it didn't need as many soldiers anymore. This made it pretty easy for a coup to be performed and the CHG, which would then fight the The CHG-UHN War against UHN loyalists and megacorps to fully establish a nation, followed of course by removing any remaining resistance pockets.


You're doing something very wrong when it's your own military that turns against you.

Demography and Population

Oh no how am I meant to fill this in? Well, lots of cultural groups and ethnic groups and lingual groups that all branched out from those on Earth. They mostly live on what was once Goners (3-4 foot tall lizard/velociraptor people) territory, with pretty decent jobs having been done by the Goners on that terraforming, but there are also those that live in bio-spheres and bio-domes.


95percent of what was once the Goner Empire and then some going in the direction that is away from the LIR.


So you've got your regular soldier. They answer to their Commander, who answers to the Chief Commander, who answers to the Master Commander, who answers to the Captain, who answers to their Low General, who answers to a General, who answers to the Supreme General.

Technological Level

Big fat space ships with big fat lasers. Simply put it was just plasma and laser tech level but still ahead of the LIR in that their lasers and plasma was much more efficient.


There were attempts by Supreme General Marcus to ban all religion as he believed that it only served to divide humanity at that point, but these didn't really work... at all. Despite that, the government is meant to be fully secular, basically meaning that nobody's religious views matter but also that nothing religious happens: if someone wants to pray before taking part in a meeting they can but there's no encouragement for everyone to do it (anyone in school or who has ever been in a school: basically those bits where teachers are all "now we shall pray" or "let us take time to pray" don't exist. If you wanna pray you gotta do it unprompted but if you don't wanna pray there's no pressure to do so or at least there isn't meant to be. Holding anything up or disrupting anything with said prayer, such as doing so out loud and very loudly when someone is trying to explain why people are starving on (Snow) Niflhiem and see what the solution to that should be, is not considered acceptable). State-owned schools, which are constantly decreasing in number due to privatization, are like this as well.

Foreign Relations

The only foreigners they have relations with are the LIR due to them being the only ones that humanity shares borders with. Relations aren't friendly. That said, there were a few attempts to contact non-LIR empires, especially for the purpose of an anti-LIR alliance, but these were largely unsuccessful due to messages being intercepted, language barriers and the fact that the speed of light is actually pretty slow once you get on a large enough scale (despite it also being the fastest you can go without slapping normal physics in the face).

Agriculture & Industry

Mechanisation. Mechanisation everywhere.

Trade & Transport

Big fat ships. Big fat ships with gigantic cargo holds everywhere. Trading with the LIR, trading with the LIR everywhere.


Privatised. Most people were uneducated and the schools that did exist were allowed to operate as they wished.


Ever seen a 500 story building? Because those are pretty common.

United Humanity Stands, United Humanity Rises, United Humanity Shall Not Fall

2203 - 2347

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
"Humanity" by outside entities and some individuals within. UHN. Pronouncing UHN as "uhn".
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Humans... yeah there's goners and bulls but since when do oppressed minorities matter? Hell even when they're the majority oppressed groups don't usually matter. There's a reason the instances where they do are famous and that's because they're rare.
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Well they started with the currencies of the 6 Nations Period being interchangeable but then switched to it all being credits supposedly but not really backed by gold.
Major Exports
Human and Goner cultural goods. Oh yeah and regular ol' resources are going both ways but that's not that interesting as I mean each and every resource going both ways I'm talking that there are singular pieces of iron that have been to both the LIR and UHN hundreds of times.
Major Imports
Tonnes of weird exotic things from the LIR and its alien cultures but also Exotic Matter as a substance that gets all of its value from rarity and strangeness rather than its practical use since other methods are more effective than anti-gravity for movement of ships and Matter Duplication wasn't a thing yet.
Legislative Body
The Humanity Council makes rules for the entire UHN, and the governments of individual planets/celestial bodies/systems (depends on population. 2 planets right next to each other with a total population of 500 are gonna be controlled by the same council of 3-4 individuals).
Judicial Body
There are "local courts", which judged on non-legal or "unimportant" matters such as trespassing, adultery and the like. "law courts" judged more serious legal offences like theft and then "high courts" judged on the big stuff like murder. All of these were heavily subject to bribery and the judges were largely allowed to give what sentences they wanted for crimes, usually resulting in rich individuals getting very small sentences for fairly serious crimes and any poor individuals who committed minor crimes against the rich receiving heavy punishments.
Official Languages
Related Professions

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