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(Snow) Niflhiem

Ahh, yes, a planet without a number to it and which isn't named after any kind of religious or mythological figure - but how can this be when the CHG is always slapping new worlds with the names of gods and heroes followed by numbers? Simple: it was Goners (3-4 foot tall lizard/velociraptor people) property first but a certain The entirety of the human-Goner war happened and now the humans own it and there is... how to put it... no longer a Goner population on the planet.

Anyhow, onto the planet itself: many cold, much ice, very snow, lots feathered Goners that were genetically modified specifically so that they could live there and in other cold environments, extremely terrifying non-perfect circle orbit around its star that makes survival for anything that isn't living underground near some lava impossible.


The only thing that makes life possible here is volcanoes that spadoot lava with extreme frequency. There are also lots of earthquakes which is extra fun when combined with the volcanoes.

As the lava spews out, it will melt through much of the ice over the volcano and continue most of the way down to actual rock beneath the ice, with the ice turning to vapour rather quickly. This vapour quickly becomes snow and ice while still in the air, leading to some interesting ice formations near volcanoes.

Meanwhile, the ice, which is often in miles of layers over the rock, is loaded with tunnels from the ways in which lava has flowed through it and how water vapour has melted away at ceilings.

Fauna & Flora

Lokian: it started with extremophile bacteria and fungi living it up here before large fungi could get jazzy around the volcanoes by leaching minerals off of solidified lava and using the heat from it to survive, while animals would feed off of these shrooms and one another, each volcano being kind of like an island with how distinctive its wildlife could be as relatively few of the creatures are large enough to actually move between locations... the methods by which they got there first being largely explained through the word fluke. Some medium organisms exist as the ace predators of their respective volcanoes/collections of volcanoes and have fur made of different material to that of those of Earth, basically meaning they don't need to be as large to insulate themselves even on a colder planet.

Currently, that only leaves the large organisms who are, indeed, very large. They strip each volcano of every bit of bio-matter they can, with the populations having to rebuild after they leave, and move on. They're generally extremely hostile to one another, especially members of different species, because they're brilliant food sources for one another and reducing one's competition is great for being naturally selected.

Natural Resources

The lava is mostly made of copper and rich ores of it are all over just-beneath-the-ice-sheets and the sides of the volcanoes. Copper used to be the go-to material for wiring before Silver (no, just silver) took its place and so the planet enjoyed a lot of commerce from this.
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"Guys... I think my testicles just fell off"
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