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The Drunken Lion

This rough, sparsely and rudely furnished alehouse is where Ridesmen, shepherds from updale, loggers, trappers, and poor travelers go to slake their thirsts. It is crowded and smoky, and fights often break out. Those who like seeing rather unattractive performers dance on tables while wearing very little clothing are advised that the management maintains a staff of dancers for this purpose... - Volothamp Geddarm, Volo's Guide to the Dalelands
  The Drunken Lion is a run down tavern patronized by by off duty ridesmen, toughs, travelers, mercenaries, and other rough sorts; the only thing that seems keeping it open is its favor with some captains of the Archenriders even though it seems as if every single day ridesmen who are on duty are called to bust up a fight, arrest a cutpurse, or prevent a killing. The structure, which is generously referred to as an establishment, is owned and maintained by a fat unsmiling dwarf who goes only by the name Alemaster Meerkum; he is rumored to turn a blind eye to the activities of his dancers who are said to slip sleeping potions to unruly patrons who are then stripped of valuables and dumped in the Arkhen.   The half-elven dancer known as Jalandyl o' Stars is rumored to be the actual owner of the Drunken Lion. She's better known for her uncanny marksmanship while throwing tankards and bolos at scofflaws who try to skip out on paying their bar tabs than she is for her dancing.  


Draft Ale (Mug) 4 cp (Tankard) 7 cp
Wine (Tankard) 2 sp
Cheese (worms don't cost extra) 1 sp
Barley Biscuit 2 cp
Parent Location
Characters in Location

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