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The Glory of the Morning

The traveler can readily find the Gloryhouse, as locals call it, by looking for the slender, tapering tower of white granite that soars up from the heart of this temple. This tower is surmounted by a beacon where priests add certain powders to fires to create pink smoke during major rituals. The tower can be seen from miles away when the sunlight catches it and thanks to the natural propensity of wyverns to investigate any lofty pinnacle or other feasible nesting site, temple guards armed with blasting magic are now stationed on its heights at all times! - Volothamp Geddarm, Volo's Guide to the Dalelands
  The Glory of the Morning Temple is devoted to Lathander and sits atop a hill on the western side of the city with its entrance facing eastward toward the rising sun. The main structure of the temple complex is constructed of limestone and faced with white granite; it is crowned with a narrow spire that climbs high into the sky where an ever burning flame beacons night and day and provides the highest vantage point in all of Archenbridge. In all there are 16 priests and numerous acolytes who either live on or take care of the temple's grounds overseen by Mornmaster Stellaga Brightstar and her four Dawnmasters Alguuna, Rassauva, Shirrye, and Tosstra. Protection of the temple is overseen by The Hand of Lathander Orblin Storntar who also serves as High Morninglord.   In addition to the usual temple services the gloryhouse offers practical business advice, loans, and even workshops for rent. Most of the temple's acolytes are trained in some kind of craft and may even be hired to do temporary work for an entrepreneur. All of these services are available to anyone, but cheaper for devotees of the Morning Lord.  

Temple Services*

  Cure Wounds (1st to 6th level) 10 gp/level
Lesser Restoration 40 gp
Remove Curse 90 gp
Speak with Dead 90 gp
Divination 210 gp
Greater Restoration 450 gp
Raise Dead 1,250 gp
Heal 360 gp
Drift Globe 200 gp
Potion of Healing 50 gp
*Followers of Lathander receive a 20% discount on spells, acolytes of Lathander receive one free spell per day
Founding Date
1369 DR
Alternative Names
The Gloryhouse
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location

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