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The Darkwater Brand Trading Coster

This large, well-guarded establishment is the best local source of weapons, armor, shields, and metalwares. Its owners sell a lot of buckles, nails, scabbard caps, hand lamps, hooks, and spikes. All of these items come from Glister, Thentia, Melvaunt, and other Moonsea sources. Darkwater Brand agents purchase Archendale ore and vegetables to trade for all the metal goods. The Brand maintains outposts in Hillsfar and Ordulin. - Volothamp Geddarm, Volo's Guide to the Dalelands
  The Darkwater Brand's trading coster is virtually a fortified camp outside the city's westernmost earthworks, containing a storefront, multiple warehouses, stables, and a three story guild house for its members. From this headquarters caravans come and go under guard from a small army of mercenary soldiers in the Darkwater Brand's employ. Here the brand runs its business dealings under the protection of thick stone walls and the watchful eyes of a hundred trained guards. Visitors to the brand's coster are to check their weapons at the door and only allowed to visit the trading stalls by the courtyard unless they are a guest of one of the merchants that is a member of their guild.   At the Darkwater Brand's stalls one will find mostly items of forged metal imported from around the Moonsea region. All of the coster's items are the highest quality; for Vzoun Dakker is an exacting man with strict standards for his merchandise.  


Items at the Darkwater Brand that are of interest to adventurers include any common weapon or armor made of steel. The Darkwater brand currently has the following special items available for sale.
Arrow +1 (100) 12 gp and 5 sp/each
+1 Handaxe 705 gp
Javelin of Lightning 600 gp
Shield +1 1,111 gp
Mithral Splint Mail 1,044 gp
Shop, Generic
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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