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Elgath's Provisions

This expensive but very well stocked shop on Urserpent Street in eastern Archenbridge is a must-visit site for those in need of rope, maps, tents, packs, sledges, rations, and all other manner of overland traveling gear. Established for the mining trade, it now serves mostly adventurers and merchants, and is notable for what haunts it. - Volothamp Geddarm, Volo's Guide to the Dalelands
Elgath's Provisions is a one stop emporium for anyone who may be traveling, spelunking, climbing, mining, or any number of other activities. Elgath's has it all, any mundane item an adventurer could want can be found at Elgath's Provisions (albeit at a markup of 10%). The store also carries a limited selection of magic items from time to time, and at least one haunted object somewhere in the store.   The store's current owner is the third in a line of Elgaths dating back to the Time of Troubles. Upon the death of his father, he retired from the Ridesmen (of which serving is a family tradition) to take over the business (another family tradition).  


In addition to providing anything found in the equipment section of the Player's Handbook Elgath's has a small selection of magic items.
Potion of Firebreath 132 gp
Cast off Half Plate 1,150 gp 
Potion of Levitation 330 gp


According to local legend some travelers encounter just one minor problem with buying needed goods from this otherwise superior establishment. A wizard is said to haunt the place, or rather, as he is not dead, to lurk among its neatly arranged wares. This mage, one Thendarion of Tsurlagol by name, lost a spell duel some many years ago and was imprisoned in the shape of a boot. Like a peltast, he can now take the shape of any nonliving object of roughly the same volume. Thendarion is also capable of casting some of the spells he had committed to memory before his fateful duel though the legend also states that his spells tend to go horribly wrong nearly as often as they go right.    The store's original owner, Elgath, attempted for much of his life to remove either the presence of the wizard or his curse from the store, but to no avail. His grandson may have succeeded where his forebears failed as Thendarion hasn't been seen for some two decades.
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