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Arkhen Bridge

The bridge was built over an existing ford by a dwarven engineer named Naiden Stonewright at around 1100 DR and helped the hamlet on the River Arkhen grow into a prosperous town. The top of the bridge was destroyed in a massive flood around 1293 and replaced with a wooden span over the original foundations which has been repaired and replaced dozens of times over the last 200 years. No plans to rebuild the bridge in stone have come to fruition.


The original stone columns and arches built by the dwarves still stand four centuries after their construction by the dwarven masons and are believed to be enchanted by most dalesmen. They are decorated with dwarven runes and symbols meant to protect the structure from ruin, though they didn't seem to stop the bridge's destruction in 1293.
Founding Date
1100 DR
Parent Location

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