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Most of the Dalesmen find little to like about the folk of Archendale. To be sure, there are Archendalesmen who could try the patience of a saint. No one has forgotten that matter with Sessrendale, either. For hundreds of years, Sessrendale had been Archendale's chief rival until the folk of Archendale ended it by marching on them. Remember this when you visit Archendale. They're a strong and hardy folk who guard the borderlands of the Dales, and they don't care to be questioned so long as their army keeps the enemies of the Dales at a distance. - Elminster, The Book of the Dales
    Archenbridge is a small city located in a valley along the banks of the River Arkhen and the largest such settlement by far in all the Dales, it serves as the capitol of Archendale. More than 8,000 souls live here in and around the earthen ramparts that protect the main hub of the city from exterior threats. The city is named for the bridge which runs across the River Arkhen built in the year 1100 DR and grew up along the river's banks into a thriving trade hub with routes from the Moonsea and Sea of Stars into the Kingdom of Cormyr and beyond.   On the western side of the river is most of the city proper, houses, shops, and taverns cluster around this area. Outside the ramparts are various farmer’s homes or barns and fields and orchards growing multitudes of crops that are the backbone of the region’s trade. Inside the ramparts are many two and three story townhouses pressed claustrophobically close to one another, many of the more well appointed ones have small courtyards or gardens surrounded by low stone walls or wrought iron fences.   There are also two quite large temple complexes, upon a hill lies a temple with a spire reaching high into the sky providing the loftiest summit in the town. The other temple lies within the cramped quarters of a residential district but dominates the whole neighborhood with it’s sheer size. Southward from there lies a large open field surrounded by small woods and trampled bare by generations of endless processions and crowds of people. To the north, there is a grassy knoll surrounded on all sides by woodlands but no trees grow on the hill itself, its bordered by many well appointed homes along the east.   On the east bank the buildings are much less dense. There is a large fortress more than 100 yards in length and nearly half as wide sitting upon a rocky hill, it is surrounded by a wooden palisade and a whitewashed stone wall branches out from a large central keep. Some ways north of that is the tallest structure in the city, a dark grey stone tower that seems isolated from the rest of the settlement. Otherwise there are a few larger farmsteads and workshops sprinkled about.



Human 77%
Half-Elf 9%
Halfing 5% 
Elf 3%
Other 6% 


Aristocratic 1%
Wealthy 22%
Middle Class 37%
Laboring 24%
Poor 16%
The seal of Archenbridge

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