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The Bounty of the Goddess

Chauntea is the most venerated diety in Archendale and her temple is the largest in the region. Though outshown in grandeur by the Glory of the Morning, The Bounty of the Goddess dwarfs that temple's grounds. Even surrounded on all sides by homes and businesses the temple is a pastoral refuge within its walls where the earth is tilled and crops grow year round, the only structure is a tithe barn that serves both its normal function and as the place of worship during services. The church is surrounded by ten foot high stone walls which are entered through an arched wooden door flanked by two towers shaped as growing stalks of wheat.   Beyond the door is a small forecourt where sits a fountain carved by the famous dwarven artisan Feldyn Fullbellow depicting the goddess as a buxom, nigh unclad woman emerging from an enormous flower. Water sprays from her left hand and collects in her extended right to trickle down into the bowl below. The waters of this fountain are blessed thrice daily and sold for whomever has need. It's said that if a priest of Chauntae is slain within the Arkhen Vale the waters turn to blood for a day.   High Harvester Thaliac Mindogaur oversees this temple with only four other priests beneath him.  

Temple Services*

Cure Wounds (1st to 4th level) 10 gp/level
Lesser Restoration 40 gp
Prayer of healing (2nd level) 40 gp
Remove Curse 90 gp
Speak with Dead 90 gp
Divination 210 gp
Holy Water 25 gp
Potion of Healing 50 gp
Potion of Healing, Greater 100 gp
Divine Scroll, Bane 50 gp
*Faithful of Chauntea receive a 20% discount, acolytes of Chauntea receive one free spell per day
Temple / Church
Parent Location

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