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Old Stonebows

The hallmarks of the Stonebows are the silent tolerance of eccentricities and special travelers needs on the part of the staff and the superb food: Hot soups, roast venison, and spiced fowl offered with an array of sauces (from crushed berries through juiced and peppered cucumber) can be had at any hour after, it seems, a wait of only a few breaths. - Volothamp Geddarm, Volo's Guide to the Dalelands
    Old Stonebows is the premiere inn in the town of Archenbridge and features amenities and an atmosphere that rivals the luxury establishments of metropolises like Suzail or Waterdeep. Many locals simply call the place Jalia's after its current owner, a retired militia commander named Jalia Mossgreen. Thick stone walls with wood paneling, fireplaces in every room, the softest and most vermin free bedding, and an always available communal bath for all customers are just some of the features of this luxurious, but expensive, inn.  


Room (Night) 2 gp
Bitter Ale (Mug) 8 cp
Stout (Mug) 1 sp
Wine 3 sp
Mulled Wine 5 sp
Cognac 1 gp
Meals 9 gp (Entree and dessert)
Entree (served with rolls and butter, seasonal vegetables, and water)
Roast venison with peppered cucumber reduction and wild onions, mashed turnips with a jaus
Soup of the day
Quail in wine sauce, roasted parsley potatoes, and soft yellow cheese
Smoked river eel and fried potato chips
Roast boar with onions, mushrooms, and carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy
Salted fish with dried lime and roasted turnips and beets
Melted and herbed cheese with cured meats for dipping
Roasted chicken glazed with honey and peppercorn, fried turnip and potato chips
Cream custard tarts with honey
Cream custard tarts with berries
Mulled wine soaked pears
Cranberry tart with cream cheese
Ginger and date bread
Almonds with honey and cinnamon
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