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Grave Hollow

Grave Hollow is believed to be the resting site of a great elven king or warrior who's name was lost to the deprivations of history. The site itself is a lonely mound rising up from a ring of woods that grow around, but not on the knoll itself. Over the centuries it has become a secret meeting spot for late night rendezvous of both the amorous and illicit variety and the daytime location of picnic lunches and the sightseeing expeditions of those who wish to get a bird's eye view of the mansions which border Grave Hollow along the east and southeast.   The hollow is well known to be a haunted location; anyone foolish enough to light any sort of fire will soon find themselves terrorized by moaning, screaming, phantoms which give chase until the perpetrator escapes the premise, and the punishment for those who desecrate the grounds is even more severe. Those who dig into the soil or cut into a living tree around Grave Hollow will find themselves afflicted with a curse for one year and one day; the curse makes it impossible to touch any object made of or containing metal, instead the bearer of the curse passes harmlessly through. No magician or cleric among the Archenfolk can reverse the malady.
Mountain / Hill
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