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The Shrine of Swords

The Shrine of Swords is dedicated to the war god Tempus and resides inside the outer bailey of Swordpoint. This slim-spired building presents the shape of an open-faced, spired helm to visitors. It is painted black, but this coating is always flaking off thanks to the rust beneath it: The spire and front arch of the shrine are fashioned entirely of interwoven and hammered swords, shields, and armor captured in battle by worshipers.   Inside, the shrine is sparsely and simply furnished and only enough clergy members to provide the basics. The shrine has sleeping cots for pilgrims and is staffed by two lay servants and Battle-Chaplain Gordon Stakaria , the scarred veteran warrior who serves as Swordmaster of the Shrine. Stakaria is a stern, closemouthed sort, but he is always willing to trade information with anyone of any faith who brings him news of battle from anywhere on Faerûn. Getting healing out of him is not so easy.   To gain permission visit the Shrine of Swords you must offer a donation of coins and/or weapons and armor worth at least 100 gold pieces the first time.
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