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The Old Dragon Down

This intriguingly named shop sells relics of Myth Drannor, odd items of beauty or that bear minor enchantments, and salvaged gear from dead adventurers, tombs, and the like. The magical gewgaws that pass through this store include such items as lamps that glow without fuel, or cloaks that float in the air by themselves without need of a peg when placed and commanded that can also be stretched out horizontally to serve as small fly tents. The cramped, dimly lit Down also serves as a pawnshop. It is much frequented by adventurers down on their luck and by folk with just a few coins who want to hire such rough folk for small, shady services (such as scaring rivals or small thefts) or who are not wealthy enough to afford Darkwater Brand bodyguards and need a short term escort or champion.

The name and signboard of the shop recall and depict the legendary slaying of Arkhenthus, a gigantic white dragon who once dwelt in Arkhen Vale. He was laid low in the days of Myth Drannor's glory by six human and elven warriors employing only swords and flight magic - if you can believe the minstrels' tales. Around back one can usually find several warriors swapping even wilder stories as they wait to be hired.


  This shop has a 75% chance to have any common magic item in stock. It also has the following items for sale:
Beads of Force (5) 360 gp/each
Potion of Frost Giant Strength 575 gp
Dust of Disappearance 106 gp
Ring of Warmth 642 gp
Alternative Names
The Down
Shop, Magic
Parent Location

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