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The Bridge and Bow

The Bridge and Bow is a quiet and out of the way watering hole for the more cultured or affluent residents of Archenbridge who seek to have a quiet drink away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city. It serves as a meeting place for representatives of the various merchant guilds and their customers and trade partners and has been the scene of more than a few secret deals over drinks that made or broke a peddler's fortunes. The second floor of The Bow is a meeting hall which can be rented for a single night and comes with a handkeg of beer and a decanter of wine; it's furnished with a large table and about two dozen chairs.  


Ale (Mug) 4 cp (Tankard) 7cp
Stout (Mug) 5 cp (Tankard) 8 cp
Wine (Glass) 2 sp (Decanter) 1 gp
Zzar (Glass) 3 sp (Decanter) 1 gp 4 cp
Sherry (Glass) 5 sp (Decanter) 2 gp
Salted Fish (with bread and butter) 1 sp
Sausage (with bread and butter) 2 sp 5 cp
Liggins (sausage, bread, and melted cheese with herbs) 5 sp
Meeting Hall (Night) 25 gp
Alternative Names
The Bow
Parent Location

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